Best Magneto SEO Extensions

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To develop versatile and superior ecommerce applications many businesses choose magneto which is open source eCommerce software. Though magneto came to light during 2008, from then it has become a favored tool for merchants as it is highly user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance efforts. Another reason for Magneto’s growing popularity is that it is compatible with multiple languages and currencies. With such features eCommerce businesses can spread their wings throughout the globe and grab in more customers for sale. Best quality eCommerce site can be brought to presence with comfy shopping cart by holding hands with smart magneto developers.

With many eCommerce technology options available, it becomes difficult to choose the right eCommerce platform, for developing your eCommerce store, but again sticking to the basics, choose an eCommerce platform that is very user-friendly, costs-less in terms of maintenance, easy to use, administer, and control. Magento has many advantages over other open-source eCommerce software platforms like it has extensive support with a huge community of developers 505 solution partners. Also it is owned completely by eBay, leader in online retail business, is an indication of how well it is equipped for the challenges in the online sphere.

For ecommerce sites / online store businesses search engine optimization is very important task to get more visitors and possibly sales and revenues. eCommerce SEO is an important aspect which makes your presence, online and general, known to the world by ranking your eCommerce site/blog high in the relevant search results. By realizing the concept of eCommerce SEO you can reap the maximum benefits. It therefore becomes very important to choose the right eCommerce platform, a platform that is very SEO friendly and allows for the best eCommerce SEO extensions available, and that helps in achieving first page ranking in search results. To improve your search engine position SEO extensions are of great help. The time invested of eCommerce optimization is brought down and an SEO extension increases ranking positions. To promote your eCommerce store, there are number of SEO extension tools available in the market today. So, it becomes extremely important to choose eCommerce platform that allows for such extensions.

When it comes to Magento choosing the right extension is as vital as choosing the right racing car to win a formula-1 race!

Need for magneto SEO extensions

Magneto SEO extension is available online too, where full control of on-site SEO features can be discovered. There are a few eCommerce SEO features to be brought up which include keywords, sitemap which is SEO friendly, SEO tips, keyword optimization of web pages and few more stick to the list. The search engine optimization and promotion time is reduced from 3 to 6 months to one to three months. In the same way magneto SERP tool is also available with numerous beneficial factors.

Magneto extension services offer

When professional eCommerce developers involve in development there are a few magneto extension services offered by them which include 

  • Installation and configuration of magneto extension
  • Debugging of magneto extensions
  • They also take responsibility for testing and quality assurance.
  • Implementation of magneto extension
  • They work towards developing custom Magneto extensions
  • They assist in upgrading, support and troubleshooting too

When eCommerce developers work on magneto extension with complete dedication they offer quality service. When one takes a deep look into it, you can find there are numerous payment gateway extensions so that online merchants can coordinate payment gateways as they desire online. They also sketch a secured way in development of eCommerce website so that they are safe from online intruders and hackers.

Possibilities :

Improves your eCommerce SEO score: They help you in organically improving your Magento store’s SEO rankings thanks to the loads of optimizations available by inserting vital information like Meta description, Keywords, titles, canonical URLs and so to the head of the different store pages.

Efficient Meta Tags : Improves your Magneto SEO by creating Meta tags for CMS, product pages and category. You can choose from the defined placeholder variables and construct ready to use SEO meat tags for the entire eCommerce store.

Segments in magneto extensions

Magneto extensions can be classified into four segments. Sales, customer, and enterprise level extensions, SEO. Magneto sales extensions play a key role as they hold all important process such as shopping lists, currency switching, credits, orders, and delivery zones donation. When an eCommerce online store is developed there are certain factors eCommerce developers focus their attention towards. The order tracking magneto extension and magneto shopping cart extensions are those important aspects which play a major role in these eCommerce sites.

Magneto SEO extensions

1. SEO Suite Ultimate : This extension has been specially designed in bringing the necessary eCommerce SEO features for the search engine promotion (SEP) of the Magento eCommerce store into the market. It also helps in transforming the Product Tag URLs and RSS feed URLs into search engine user friendly URLs, e.g. : instead of the default Magento

Other features available are : 

  • URL optimization
  • HTML Header optimization
  • Google XML Sitemap optimization
  • Frontend Sitemap optimization
  • eCommerce SEO reports
  • Product dynamic templates, amongst many other eCommerce features

2. Magento SEO Extension : This extension is a big time saver that does not only increase your ranking position, but reduces the search engine optimization time required as well. It is a revolutionary eCommerce SEO extension for Magento and gives full control for the on-site eCommerce SEO features. It not only shortens the time for the search engine optimization, but the time for promotion as well, from 3-6 months to 1-3 months.

Other features you get are : 

  • URL optimization
  • Web page HTML Header optimization
  • Google Sitemap optimization
  • Additional Page Analytic tools helps in analyzing your website much better

3. Magework SEO extension : Is one of the leading SEO extensions available in the Magento market and combines all the SEO features relevant for a successful search engine promotion in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Among the many features, here are a few : 

  • Ability in shortening the sub-category by removing the parent category from the URLs
  • Improved Mata title and Meta descriptions for better product review pages
  • Improvement in Product review URL
  • Ability in selecting canonical tag for product reviews, that helps in pointing to review pages or product page
  • Ability in changing layered navigation URL identifier
  • Re-developed rel=next/prev implementation that improves the overall performance
  • Ability in applying dynamic templates for the “For Items with Empty Meta Title/Description
  • More newer product attributes for richer snippets
  • Ability in selecting the exact attribute needed to be sent to Google

4. Magento Store Pickup Extension : If you have a chain of stores, and you want the customer to be comfortable in picking-up the product from the nearest store available, install this SEO extension.

5. Layered Navigation Plus : This extension works with both the enterprise and community versions. It gives you an impressive control over the URL rewrites in layered navigation and also offers page titles in layered navigation and Meta noindex options for the combinations you do not want indexed. This is an extremely powerful eCommerce extension, hence; have a lot of configurations so be careful.

6. Magento Store Pickup : This extension acts like a shipping extension that allows the customers in choosing a specific store from your chain and pick the product during checkout. 

  • You can create multi-stores, set address and opening time for each separate store
  • Customer can select nearest store to their appropriate time
  • Google map can be used to locate your store’s address

7. Magento SEO Extension EO Plus : This enhances the Magento sites eCommerce performance in the search engines by using various eCommerce optimization methods like: product tag, layered navigation and search navigation.

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