Google Product Listing Ads Vs. Text Ads [Infographic]

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Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) or Shopping Campaigns give advertisers a retail centric approach in account management. Search marketers bid on products or product groups, based on the value or volume, driven by specific products. Product Listing Ads are cost per click (CPC) ads which online merchants buy during Adwords. These ads appear on Google Search pages at the left, and top of the results.

We have to play with the power of paid search where the aim of the search gets captured and we must bid at the level of search aim, as well. Let me explain this with Infographics.PLA-vs-Text-Ads


Google Adwords ads are a good choice for online merchants, and like Product Listing Ads are managed within the Adwords login. This guide will focus on Product Listing Ads which we have seen have had a major impact on eCommerce campaigns. Before you start on either product, be sure to know the differences between Adwords and Product Listing Ads.

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