Digital marketing business models and contracts

Get something that works for your requirements

Do you want to cut operational costs but retain the integrity and efficiency of your company? Then, it would be worth your time to consider outsourcing by looking at our following business models.

Project based pricing

  • When your scope of work is limited timeframe, fix-cost project based model is ideal for you. Clients pay for specific time period and scope of work mutually we define.
  • Work well for one-time SEO setup, website launching, conversion optimization, reports & analysis and website recovery programs.

Monthly retainer

  • This is similar to working for flat rate for a project, but generally more for ongoing work. Ideal for projects with ongoing requirements can benefit from our monthly retainer program.
  • Work well for the projects like social media optimization, web promotions, link and citations building, content marketing, and PPC management.
  • Ecommerce design agencies, consultants and resellers can partners with us for this program.

By the Hour consulting

  • We offer this service within the capacity of advising and consulting on your burning issues or developing a strategy but not any deployment.
  • Ideal for top management and decision makers who want to take decision or expert opinions in critical, complex and strategic situations.
  • Work well for developing online marketing roadmap, Internet business building, ROI strategy, planning the deployment process of online marketing roadmap.
  • Charges are accordingly the consultation hours, it takes. Normally clients have to book minimum 5 hours of consultation which is going to complete with 2 months period.

Hire dedicated resources

  • Hire dedicated resources full-time, part-time for your on-going requirements like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 3 years.
  • You can hire a team of experts to manage your different practicing areas like SEO, paid search, web promotions, social media, content marketing, web research, products’ listings and more.
  • Our pricing model is fixed-cost on monthly bases per resource.

White-label Services

  • We work for your clients like your in-house team and use all the communication channels, reporting & deliverable under your brand name with highly confidential environment.
  • Web design agencies, consultants and resellers can partners with us for this program. We deal with your clients under your brand and emails identities.
  • Our fee structure is like design pre-defined packages which is ideal for your clients and economical environments Packages include set of activities to perform, pricing and reports deliverables.

Setup your own offshore team

  • When you have on-going requirements and looking for cost savings to manage the digital marketing support, offers extra cost benefits to your clients; setting-up your own offshore digital marketing team is ideal choice for you.
  • We take care your team building, infrastructure setup, training & development, resource & space management, HR policies, business & operation processes as per your requirements and preferred environment.
  • We have flat management fees structure to manage and setup the entire team & infrastructure for on-going bases.

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