Data analytics services for online retailers

Ideal for

  • For anyone in marketing who wants to significantly improve marketing performance and justify marketing spending.
  • For non-marketing managers who wants to drive real results from marketing.
  • Forecast the trends based on historical data and planning for the marketing budgets and strategy.
  • Unlock the meaningful patterns of behavior in human interaction data.
  • Keen to learn what’s happening in your business, but also predict potential market risks and prepare to move rapidly.

Data-driven marketing

We are living in difficult times and Data-driven marketing are becoming increasingly important. Now more than ever, managers need to justify their marketing spending, show the value that they create for the business, and radically improve their marketing performance.

Data analytics is all about using the customer data to retain the customers and increasing the profits. We analyze the data generated by your customers and create insight into what type of marketing or general business actions you can take to make your business more profitable.

We concentrate on as few metrics as possible that capture the most value for marketing.

  • Brand awareness
  • Test-drive
  • Customer lifecycle value
  • Transaction conversion rate
  • Return on advertising spent
  • Word of mouth (social media reach)

Behaviour analytics

Behaviour analytics is all about identifies the clusters of people that demonstrate a tendency to take similar actions such as clicking certain pages on your website, making online purchases or in your brick-and-mortar store, responding to marketing offers.

We study your historical data and give you decision making information like what actions lead to sale - a valuable insight for companies looking to improve the conversion rates and marketing performance.

Get the answers of your some key questions;

  • Where new customers are emerging
  • Why existing ones are leaving, what products
  • What products they want to buy
  • What content they want to consume
  • How they make decisions
  • What prices they are willing to pay

Strategic business decisions need to be based on hard data and thorough analysis rather than on guesses or gut instinct. Contact us today to improve the marketing performance, sales.

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