eCommerce usability audit and analysis

eCommerce usability for:

  • For the businesses with promotional or eCommerce websites that want to increase the subscriptions and online sales.
  • When you are running out of time & budget, but thinking to improve the conversions, our eCommerce usability review will give you the clear insights with short-term fixes. You can implement these changes within your in-house IT team or eCommerce design agency.
  • When you are thinking to re-design the existing eCommerce website and looking to receive the expert advice & recommendations for better eCommerce user experience and conversion rates.

What is express eCommerce usability review?

You want some of the important points which improve the conversion rates of your eCommerce website, landing page or marketing campaign and implement within the less-time and eCommerce design & development cost. We evaluate these key points (like 10 to 15 points) that put your eCommerce website for superior user experience and improved conversion rates.

Our eCommerce usability expert gives you the answers for

  • Why users leave my home page without navigating other pages?
  • Why users don’t complete the checkout process?
  • Why website doesn’t have more sign-ups?

With our Heuristic eCommerce Website Usability Review, we evaluate your website from user point of view and provide you with actionable recommendations to make your eCommerce website more user-friendly.

At XtremeUX, eCommerce conversion expert evaluates your website against a set of eCommerce usability principles and user experience optimization practices. Our eCommerce usability review will tell you where you are losing your customers and why they are not completing your goals. In Express Usability review, you will get key recommendations generally 10 to 15 or more depending upon the size of website, features and functionalities.

Our eCommerce usability review covers major all the areas of your website like;

  • Visual design
  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Trust & credibility
  • Functional factors

For eCommerce websites and online retailers, we review the following

major sections of your website;

  • Home page
  • Products’ listing page / category page
  • Product’s detail page
  • Shopping kart
  • Checkout process

How our eCommerce usability audits will help you?

  • An increase in sales, revenues, and profits
  • Generating more sales leads
  • Boosting “opt-ins” to build your email list
  • Reduction of customer acquisition costs
  • More page views for advertising
  • Engagement of more users

Our eCommerce usability analysis reports & deliverables

  • Hand-typed, easy-to-read, jargon-free 'Findings' and 'Solutions' for each of the assessments.
  • Report on the eCommerce usability, design enhancement and also the changes required and ideas of improvement for design and enhancement.
  • Powerful advice made simple and easy to put in action
  • The report will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your in-house IT team or eCommerce developers can implement the changes required.
  • We will send eCommerce usability analysis report to you by email as an attachment. Reports are created in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format.

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