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What are the indicators if your website is affected by Google Penguin or Panda updates?

  • When you see the traffic dropped majorly immediate in last couple of days
  • Get the notification from Google Webmaster Tools
  • When you see the ranking dropped majorly like from rank # 5 to rank# 25 or 50 or out of 100.

Major reasons

  • Heavily usage of “exact match keywords”
  • Links from low website quality
  • Links from low quality content pages

Additionally below reasons also should be considered

  • On-site quality issues
  • Duplicate content, pages, title & meta tags

How do I come to know, if my website is recovering?

  • Start improving the traffic gradually
  • Average keywords positions improving

You should not focus and measure few keywords’ positioning as success but you should look at average keywords’ positioning improvement.

Please note that when your website affects, it doesn’t necessary affect only few pages but major your whole website. So you require looking a whole website rather certain keywords positions. And then only you can recover your whole website and save for any Google algorithm updates.

Recovery period

Website recovery is on-going process and generally takes 3 to 6 months or more if everything performs properly. However, as the process begins we can see incremental traffic gradually.

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