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PPC audit for:

  • If you are managing your PPC campaigns in house, but are not maximizing the return on your investment, there are probably a number of improvements that can be made to your existing campaign structures.
  • If you are not looking to outsource PPC management, but would like an experienced set of eyes to provide feedback on your PPC campaigns.

PPC Audit are essential for creating top-notch PPC campaigns. A PPC audit enables small businesses to go over their PPC account and identify specific areas for improvement.

Our PPC campaign audit will address the following areas:

  • What is wrong in their PPC campaigns
  • What can be done to improve the PPC campaign performance?
  • The results that can be expected if recommended changes are made

Our PPC audit process involves a thorough review of your PPC campaign structure, PPC historical performance, use of fundamental PPC best practices and advanced PPC optimizations. We take these PPC practices and find PPC opportunities in your live PPC account, which we report to you for implementation.

Our PPC audit services help you:

  • Stop wasted spend on PPC campaigns
  • Improve quality score
  • Improve CTR (Click-Through-Rates)
  • Reach to target customers effectively
  • Improve landing page experience
  • Improve PPC conversion rates

Contact us for PPC audit report

  • Give you a detailed review of your entire PPC campaign
  • Analyze your keywords, PPC ad copy, landing pages and more
  • Analyze your quality score, click through rates, conversion rate and more
  • Give you an PPC action plan on how to boost ROI, ad performance, clicks and conversions

Contact us for a PPC campaign optimization audit and improve ROIs.

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