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Who is it for?

  • eCommerce website has dropped rankings and traffic
  • Declining the organic traffic of your eCommerce website
  • Already doing eCommerce SEO but not seeing the results
  • Make sure if eCommerce SEO has done properly
  • Looking for improvement in organic rankings, traffic and sales from eCommerce SEO
  • Not sure if your eCommerce website has penalized by Google Panda or Penguin updates

Our comprehensive eCommerce SEO audit report will tell you why your website is not ranking better in Google organic search. Find out key eCommerce SEO improvement areas which make up your eCommerce website valuable for users and search engines.

How our eCommerce SEO analysis report helps you

  • Unlock your eCommerce website for faster search engine crawling and indexing
  • Optimize your eCommerce website for higher search engine rankings and conversions
  • Drive more traffic and sales from organic search results
  • Make your eCommerce website clean and error free
  • Deliver a better user experience over your competitors

Our eCommerce website audit includes

Crawling and indexing

It is topmost priority for any large site looking to improve their eCommerce SEO efforts. By tracking, monitoring and focusing Googlebot you can gain an advantage over your competition. You can facilitate search engine crawlers access your most valuable content, and thus hold more command over how your web pages are indexed.


Incorrect redirections are one of the most common errors in eCommerce websites. Incorrect use of redirection can have a huge impact on the performance of your eCommerce website in search engines. We find out if the redirections are properly set and not harmful for search engine rankings.

Title & Meta data

Title tag has still huge importance in organic search engine rankings. We check if Title and Meta description tags available on every important page of your eCommerce website as per Google guidelines.

Duplicate content issues

Multiple pieces of content on the Internet create problems for search engines and causes to drop the organic rankings. We check the content of your web pages within your eCommerce website as well on the Internet.

eCommerce Site structure

A well planned eCommerce site structure improves your chances of ranking in Google’s results. Good eCommerce website structure helps search engine bots to crawl and index your eCommerce website faster, good internal linking power and improve the usability. We check your eCommerce website’s navigation, products’ categorization, internal linking and URL structure.

Page load time

Google uses page load time as a factor in its search ranking algorithms. Faster page load time provide better user experience for your users and put you ahead over your competitors. We check your eCommerce website desktop / mobile version and report you the page load time improvement areas.

External backlinks

Getting external links is the single most important objective of attaining high rankings. But when your external links are low quality, exact keyword anchor texts, irrelevant pages’ chances are high, Google penalize your eCommerce website and sudden decline in organic rankings, traffic and sales. We check your external backlinks profile if they are harmful.

Responsive / Mobile compatible

67% of users claim they are more probable to purchase from mobile-friendly sites. If SEO is a core part of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential. We check your eCommerce website compatibility for different screen sizes and mobile and advise you if your eCommerce website has any browser compatibilities issues.

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