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eCommerce SEO consulting is one of our most requested services areas from our clients and partners. Our eCommerce SEO consulting services are specifically designed for companies with an internal marketing and webmaster staff who feel they require some external eCommerce expertise and direction.

We advice and consult you in following areas:

Multilingual eCommerce website setup

You have an eCommerce website in one language but customers are in more than one native language countries. You need country specific eCommerce website respect in native language and notifying search engines version of your eCommerce website to their native language audience. We advise you setup multilingual eCommerce websites and indexing them in Google for every country. We ensure that each of your country specific web pages should be displayed in organic searched results for their country based search queries.

eCommerce website redesign

SEO and user friendly eCommerce website is most important portion of any successful online business. Some of the usual facets of successful Ecommerce website are - easy for search engine crawling, faster page load time, easily accessible, error free coding, well planned site structure and intuitive user experience. We ensure that your eCommerce website should get the consistent advantage of SEO and conversions.

Ecommerce store migration

Maintain the customers’ data, purchase history, SEO ranking and traffic are the most critical areas while migrating your eCommerce website to a new platform. We advise you and migrate your eCommerce website smoothly without any loss of data, ranking and traffic.

eCommerce Content strategy

Today content is the key for any successful eCommerce SEO and social media marketing campaign. Useful content not only helps in social sharing, but also increase search engine ranking, traffic, engagement and sales. Our eCommerce strategy covers content ideas and proposes the best medium for content publishing.

Competitive analysis

There are a number of reasons why your competitors are outranking than you and win more customers. Competitive analysis is sometimes the best way to get your Ecommerce website to the succeeding level. We do study of your competitors like their ranking keywords, estimated traffic, link popularity, promotion strategy, social media influence, unique selling points, products’ pricing, visual design. Based on this research and analysis, we advise you actionable areas which put you ahead of your competitors and win new customers every day.

Google Panda / Penguin recovery

Is your eCommerce website hit by Google Panda or Penguin algorithmic updates? We will assess your eCommerce website site quality, content, external backlinks profiles and identify the reasons why your eCommerce website got hit by Google algorithms. We will do all the required activities like improving site quality, duplication issues and fix-up the harmful / unnatural back links to your site.

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