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Why you need periodic website health check-up?

  • Ensure your website and server are up and running well across the world.
  • Optimize the performance of your website and take the steps to improve the ranking, traffic and conversions.
  • Save your website from any search engine algorithm updates.
  • You may have 100s of updates on your website. After all does your website performing well?

Preventive health check-ups are very useful in early detection of all type of causes and risk factors involved to damage your website in terms of traffic, trust and conversions.

Our website health report is simple to understand and less time consuming, action based recommendations. Our SEO audit report specially designed keeping your website distant from any economical crises and search engine algorithm updates.

What does website health check cover?

  • Page load time
  • Content issues
  • Server issuese
  • Title and Meta tags issues
  • Crawling and indexing issues
  • Design, presentation & usability issues
  • External back links
  • Traffic analysis

Questions answered by the website health check report

  • Is Google indexing your site?
  • Does your website linked from harmful domains?
  • Do you have duplicate issues getting indexed in Google?
  • Are any of your pages in Google missing page titles?
  • Does your website have any page load issues?


  • SEO metrics report includes all the KPIs like traffic data, conversion rates, bounce rates, Google SERPs data, page load time and more.
  • You will get comprehensive health report of your online store covering improvement areas and recommendations.
  • Report will be in PDF or Excel outlining action points highlighting “High Risk”, “Medium” and “OK”.

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