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It is not enough optimized your eCommerce website once for continuing rank. Search engines are highly competitive and update their algorithms often. Also, many other hidden factors affect your eCommerce website quality issues that downgrade the SEO performance.

Your eCommerce website needs to attain certain SEO activities to make your website healthy, prevent from any algorithmic updates and drive consistent traffic.

We cover following key points in monthly eCommerce SEO plan:

  • Maintain your eCommerce website's on-site and off-site quality
  • Improve search visibility and traffic
  • Build domain and social authority
  • Build trust, brand and reputation

Questions answered by the eCommerce website health check report

  • Is Google indexing your eCommerce website?
  • Does your eCommerce website linked from harmful domains?
  • Do you have duplicate issues getting indexed in Google?
  • Are any of your pages in Google missing page titles?
  • Does your eCommerce website have any page load issues?

Our monthly eCommerce SEO plan consists of mainly two parts:

1. eCommerce SEO health check-up

Preventive health check-ups are very useful in early detection of all type of causes and risk factors involved to damage your eCommerce website in terms of traffic, trust and conversions.

Crawling and indexing analysis: We review your eCommerce website whether search engine crawlers effectively index your website, 404 error pages and more.

Content duplication issues: Find out any duplicate content within the eCommerce website’s pages or any other pages on the Internet.

HTML improvements: Find out and fix-up Title tags, Meta description tags related issues like duplicate, short or empty title and Meta description tags.

External backlinks maintenance: Analyze external backlinks and take necessary actions for unnatural and harmful links.

Learn more to avail only the eCommerce SEO health check-up services on-going monthly bases.

2. eCommerce Web promotions

Submit your eCommerce website and products in popular classified websites, promote coupon codes, social sharing, brand mentioning in relevant websites.

Blog article writing: Write original articles about your products, keywords and publish on your eCommerce website’s blog.

Social selling submissions: Find the popular relevant social selling sites and submit your products and brands in these sites.

Classified ad listings: We write creative ad copies of your products and submit them in popular classified sites.

Coupon code promotions: We will do coupon code promotions in popular sites and share them through social bookmarking sites as well your social media sites.

Reports and deliverables

  • eCommerce website health report
  • Title and Meta optimization copy
  • Blog articles writing
  • Detailed eCommerce web promotion report
  • External backlinks analysis
  • SEO metrics report

eCommerce SEO Pricing and contracts

  • No any agreement or contract, you can stop anytime
  • Flexible pricing depending upon articles writing and web promotions involved

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