Website audit and analysis services for eCommerce websites

You have already a website and optimized for search engine rankings and sales. Our audit & review services are helpful when your website and digital marketing campaigns are not working well.

We give you advice and answer of your some key questions like why your website is not ranking and drive organic traffic, why your website is not generating leads & sales, why we are not getting good ROIs from our PPC campaigns.

Each of our audit & review services involves key points for improvement and how to fix-up for better results within your in-house team or simple to outsource your agency partner. At XtremeUX, we offer following audit & review services to our clients in any industry and any size of businesses.

Usability review

  • Why users leave my home page without navigating other pages?
  • Why users don’t submit inquiry forms?
  • Why website doesn’t have more sign-ups?
  • Why users leaving the store without completing the checkout process?

PPC campaign review

  • Give you a detailed review of your entire PPC campaign
  • Analyze your keywords, ad copy, landing pages and more
  • Analyze your quality score, click through rates, conversion rate and more
  • Lower your cost per click and drive more qualified traffic
  • Give you an action plan on how to boost ROI, ad performance, clicks and conversions
  • Discuss your business goals and answer your top SEM questions

SEO review

  • Website has dropped rankings and traffic
  • Declining the organic traffic
  • Already doing SEO but not seeing the results
  • Make sure if SEO has done properly
  • Looking for improvement in organic rankings, traffic and sales from SEO
  • Not sure if website has penalized by Google Panda or Penguin updates

SEO health check-up

  • Ensure your website and server are up and running well across the world.
  • Optimize the performance of your website and take the steps to improve the ranking, traffic and conversions.
  • Save your website from any search engine algorithm updates.
  • You may have 100s of updates on your website. After all does website performing well?

XtremeUX provides top notch SEO services for your Ecommerce website. We can build a custom SEO plan designed specifically your budget and demand. Our SEO pricing structure is fixed-cost / project based, monthly retainer and hire dedicated resources full-time / part-time basis.

Improve your website traffic, conversion rates and sales with us!

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