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SEO Process

SEO Implementation Process

1. SEO Audit & Research

  • SEO audit
  • Analyze competitors’ keywords
  • Collect core keywords
  • Group the keywords from the final list

2. On-Site Optimization

  • Install a Google Analytics Tool and Set Up Goals
  • Connect Google Analytics with the Google Search Console
  • Add a Website into Google Search Console
  • Register a Local Business in Google Maps
  • Develop a logical site structure
  • Secure a website by moving to HTTPS
  • Define a preferred domain (www or non-www)
  • Create a robots.txt file
  • Create XML sitemap
  • Set a language with .hreflang attribute
  • Make URLs SEO Friendly
  • Use Breadcrumbs
  • Fix duplicate content issues
  • Create SEO-friendly internal cross-linking
  • Check HTTP status codes
  • Use Canonical URLs
  • Check the markup validity of web documents in HTML
  • Fix broken links
  • Control the number of outbound links
  • Improve Page Speed
  • Create a 404-error page

3. Mobile optimization

  • Create a mobile version of a website
  • Set up a redirection for mobile users
  • Improve mobile loading speed using AMP

4. Content strategy

  • Write a unique title for each page of a website
  • Create unique meta descriptions for each page
  • Optimize H-tags (heading tags)
  • Use Alt tags for every image
  • Optimize content both for robots and humans
  • Create fresh and trendy content
  • Develop a content plan
  • Add a blog to a website

5. Off-Site Optimization

  • Analyze backlinks of the competitors
  • Create link-building strategy
  • Participate in Forum Discussions and Answer the Questions in the Field
  • Submit website for local citations
  • Write articles submit in external blogs
  • Encourage users to write reviews about your service
  • Use images, videos, and documents for website promotion

6. Monitoring

  • Crawling errors
  • Keywords rankings
  • User signals
  • External backlinks

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