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Google Analytics Solutions for All Businesses

Why Should You Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most used set of tools for tracking analytical data. Google Analytics offers more than just website visits and bounce rates. It gives you the information needed to better understand your customers. You can use this data to improve your marketing, products, and content.

Common Issues with Google Analytics

While Google Analytics is incredibly useful, you may struggle to implement some of the features. To track your web pages, you need to add snippets of code to each page.

You also need to complete specific actions through your Google Analytics dashboard. You may need to set goals, apply filters, and set custom dimensions or metrics.

Dealing with these tasks can be confusing and time-consuming. Mistakes also tend to limit the value of the data that you receive.

Instead of wasting hours navigating the dashboard and adding code to your web pages, allow us to take care of everything for you.

Our Google Analytics Services

  • Google Analytics Setup

    We can set up goals in Google Analytics, allowing you to track when visitors take specific actions on your landing pages. Track clicks on your calls to action and monitor where visitors entered your site. Use this data to successfully identify problem areas on your site and improve your marketing efforts.

  • Google Analytics Custom Dashboard

    Allow us to create a custom dashboard based on your specific business needs. After evaluating your goals, we set up a dashboard that contains only the information that you need. With your custom Google Analytics dashboard, you can quickly review the latest stats and get back to your running your business.

  • Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

    At XtremeUX Digital, we can implement the necessary code to track your eCommerce stats. This allows you to fine-tune your product pages, advertising, and marketing efforts to convert more visitors into paying customers. You can find out where people leave your site, how well target keywords perform, and which products sell best from different traffic sources.

  • Google Analytics Custom Reports

    Stay up to date with the latest stats. We create custom reports containing the information you need to make informed decisions. Our custom reports help you focus on the data that matters most to your business. Easily track your marketing without digging into massive amounts of data.

  • Install Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager provides the fastest way to deploy tracking codes across your web pages. Changing and adding tags becomes a lot easier. Quickly add conversion tracking, remarketing, or analytics to any of your campaigns. At XtremeUX Digital, we can implement Google Tag Manager, giving you a simplified method for managing your tags.

  • Analytics Event Tracking

    Google Analytics Event Tracking lets you monitor visitor behavior and the flow of traffic on your web sites. Unfortunately, setting this up is often challenging. Our experts can implement event tracking based on the specific on-page actions that you want to track, such as new sign-ups, purchases, and other interactions.

  • AdWords Conversion Tracking

    AdWords Conversion Tracking provides the best solution for tracking what happens after potential customers click on your ads. Identify which keywords, ads, or ad groups drive conversions. We can add conversion tracking to your landing pages so you can evaluate and tweak the performance of your Google advertising campaigns.

  • Facebook Conversion Tracking

    Are you tired of not knowing what visitors do after clicking on your Facebook ads? We offer expert Facebook Conversion Tracking setup. With Facebook Conversion Tracking, you can monitor the flow of traffic from your Facebook ads to your landing pages. Find out which ads perform best and edit your campaigns to maximize conversions.

  • Google Analytics Heat Map

    Google Analytics Heat Maps give you a visual perspective of your stats. You can view the flow of traffic, interactions, and conversions displayed directly on your landing pages. Our skilled team can implement these features for you, providing you with an instant view of your stats in an easy to understand format.

  • Google Ads Phone Call Tracking

    Conversion tracking is an important part of monitoring your Google Ads campaign. It includes helpful statistics about the performance of your ads, including call tracking.

Our Google Analytics certified professionals team is ready to help you for any type of Google Analytics installations and tracking.

Contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix "not provided" in Google Analytics?

When you view organic search terms in Google Analytics, most of the traffic comes from “not provided” search terms. To fix this problem, we can use advanced filters to segment this traffic into separate reports. You can then learn more about where this traffic comes from.

Can you use Google Analytics for Facebook?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics to track visitor behavior after visitors reach your site from Facebook. This is useful for tracking visitors from your Facebook page. You can access this information from the “Channels” tab in the “Acquisition Overview” page or allow us to set up custom reports.

What four types of goals are available in Google Analytics?

When setting goals, Google Analytics divides the interactions into four types — destination, duration, pages/visit, and events. Destination goals allow you to track when visitors arrive on specific pages. Duration tracks how long visitors stay on your site. Pages/visit goals let you know the number of pages a visitor sees. Event goals track specific interactions such as clicking on calls to action.

How are Google Analytics and Tag Manager different?

Google Analytics allows you to track a wide variety of statistics on your websites using unique tags. Google Tag Manager provides a solution for managing and implementing these tags. It also makes it easier to change tags without needing to edit the code on the web pages.

Google Analytics vs Google Data Studio: What’s the difference?

Google Data Studio provides an alternative to custom Google Analytics dashboards. While you can add graphs, charts, and custom data to your dashboard, Google uses a simple display. Google Data Studio allows you to generate custom reports with more visual appeal, selecting color schemes and templates that reflect your brand or industry.

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360?

Google Analytics 360 is a paid version of Google Analytics that increases your ability to track visits and set custom metrics. With standard Google Analytics, you can only set 20 custom dimensions and metrics while 360 lets you set up to 200 of each. Additionally, Google Analytics updates key data every 24 hours while 360 updates every ten minutes to four hours. Google Analytics 360 is basically an enterprise-level solution for sites that receive massive amounts of traffic.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.