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Google Ads Phone Call Tracking

Google Ads Phone Call Tracking Helps Analyze Offline Conversion Rates

Conversion tracking is an important part of monitoring your Google Ads campaign. It includes helpful statistics about the performance of your ads, including call tracking.

At XtremeUX Digital, we offer professional call tracking services. Save yourself from the tedious task of monitoring this important metric.

Google Ads phone call tracking may even help you uncover the reasons behind underperforming ads.

What is Google Ads Phone Call Tracking?

43% of search-related conversions come from phone calls, making call tracking just as important as your online conversion tracking.

Google Ads call tracking allows you to track the number of prospective customers who called your business after clicking on one of your ads.

Call tracking is one of the many metrics that you can use to monitor the performance of your ads. Monitoring provides essential data for tweaking your campaigns to gain the following benefits:

  • Monitor your customer service team
  • Optimize your Google Ads campaigns
  • Analyze your return on investment

You can use call tracking data to determine which keywords or sales copy results in the most calls. You can also analyze your return on investment by tracking offline conversions.

Many businesses also use this feature to monitor their customer service agents. Call tracking allows you to monitor the calls. You can review successful or negative customer interactions to improve service.

Hire Expert Google Ads Phone Call Tracking Services

While call tracking offers many advantages, most business owners lack the time needed to review this information.

XtremeUX Digital Google Ads phone call tracking services make it easier to monitor inbound calls.

We work with small businesses and entrepreneurs in any industry. Allow our team to set up call tracking and provide you with beneficial insights for improving your Google Ads campaigns.

If you want to track offline conversions, contact us for more information on our Google Ads call tracking services.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.