1185 Increase in leads with a 92.42 drop in cpc

Case Study 09

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Custom Kilt Services





Client Profile

There’s this awesome company based in the US that makes really high quality, custom kilts and accessories. They ship all over the country for folks looking to get their hands on a perfect traditional Scottish kilt. On their website, you’ll find a huge range of different tartan fabrics and patterns so you can design your very own kilt just how you like it. Whether you need something formal for a wedding or event, or a more casual kilt to wear around, they’ve got you covered.

Their expert kilt-makers only use the finest materials and take great care to handmade each kilt to the highest standards. The lush tartan fabrics, leather sporrans, ornamental kilt pins – everything is built to last. They also have a ton of accessories to go with your kilt like ghillie brogues, argyle socks, Jacobite shirts and more. Their helpful customer service crew can assist you in designing your dream kilt and finding the ideal accessories to complement it.

With quick shipping all over the US, reasonable prices, and top-notch service, their goal is to be the #1 choice for kilts and Scottish style for all ages. They aim to share their passion for Scottish heritage and style with kilt aficionados nationwide. Even if you aren’t Scottish, but love the look of a kilt, they’ve got you covered from head to toe. Next time you need quality, custom Scottish wear, be sure to check out their awesome selection online.


1. High Cost Per Click Eroding Returns

The client was bidding aggressively on competitive keywords which was driving up their cost per click. This high CPC was eroding ROI on ad spend as the margins on sales could not support the high costs to acquire each new customer. Tightening up keyword targeting, lowering bids, and expanding into long-tail keywords could help improve CPC and return on spend.

2. Irrelevant Clicks Wasting Budget

The use of broad match keywords was leading to irrelevant clicks from users not in the target audience. These stray clicks wasted budget that could be better spent on qualified traffic. Using more exact and phrase match keywords can minimize low-quality clicks from overbroad targeting.

3. Lack of Conversion Tracking Hampering Optimization

Without solid conversion tracking, it was impossible to accurately determine which keywords, ads and landing pages were driving sales. This hampered the ability to optimize campaigns effectively. Implementing robust conversion tracking is crucial to connect clicks to business results.

4. Low Quality Scores Indicating Poor Ad Relevance

Low quality scores for certain ad groups signaled that ads were not relevant or useful for searchers. Copy, headlines and landing pages need to be refined to boost quality scores and improve campaign performance overall.

5. High Competition Limiting Keyword Visibility

Head terms the client was bidding on had high competition from other advertisers. This pushed their ads down the page and limited visibility and traffic potential. Expanding into new, more targeted long-tail keywords could help improve visibility.


1. Optimizing Keyword Targeting to Improve Relevance and Lower CPC

  • Tighten up keyword targeting to only core and high-converting terms
  • Lower bids on super competitive keywords to maintain position at a lower CPC
  • Expand exact and phrase match keywords to control relevance
  • Test low CPC long-tail keywords to find hidden gems

2. Using Match Types and Negative Keywords to Block Irrelevant Clicks

  • Switch broad match keywords to phrase or exact match
  • Use negative keywords to block irrelevant searches from triggering ads
  • Regularly review search query reports to identify irrelevant clicks

3. Implementing Tracking to Connect Clicks to Conversions

  • Implement Facebook pixel and Google Analytics to track conversions
  • Connect PPC accounts to CRM to track sales directly
  • Track micro-conversions like form fills and page visits
  • Use attribution modeling to fully value clicks

4. Boosting Quality Scores through Improved Ad Relevance

  • Improve keyword-ad relevancy by adding keywords to ad copy
  • Test headlines and descriptions against search queries
  • Ensure landing pages match ad messaging
  • Check keyword-landing page relevancy

5. Long-Tail Keyword Expansion for Increased Relevance and Visibility

  • Research long-tail keyword opportunities with less competition
  • Test low volume keywords as part of larger ad groups
  • Try different match types like phrase and BMM for flexibility
  • Create ad variations tailored specifically to long-tail terms


The new paid search strategy and execution by XtremeUX led to huge boosts in key metrics like revenue, orders, and ROAS, as well as lowered cost per conversion. The results demonstrate the success and impact of their optimized paid search and display campaigns.

  • The client is an online kilt retail shop serving the classic style and tartan patterns and colors across the USA.
  • They were struggling to reach their target audience and drive sales, facing decreasing revenue with increasing costs and high CPC with their standard ad campaigns.
  • XtremeUX conducted competitor analysis, set up shopping ads, dynamic remarketing ads, and single keyword ad groups with thorough keyword research.
  • The results showed a 1185.71% increase in orders and calls for the client.
  • Revenue increased by 1877.12% as a result of the campaign.
  • The return on ad spend (ROAS) increased drastically by 1500.87% thanks to the successful PPC strategy implemented by XtremeUX.
  • The cost per conversion was reduced by 7.58% through the new PPC strategy.
  • Testimonial from the client praised XtremeUX for providing top-notch services in managing their two sites for SEO and PPC and going the extra mile to ensure success.
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