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At Lignan for Life, our passion is enriching the lives of our furry friends through natural wellness solutions. We offer an exceptional plant-based supplement featuring high-grade Lignan, a compound celebrated for its impressive benefits.

Our supplement is carefully crafted and extensively tested to support key areas of canine health. Customers often share how it positively impacts their dog’s cardiovascular function, promoting a robust and healthy heart. Its natural ingredients also aid digestion, allowing optimal nutrient absorption and gastrointestinal care. And by assisting with sleep pattern regulation, it enables more profound, more restorative sleep.

We are proud to take a holistic approach to pet wellness and believe in the healing power of plants. Our formulations contain no artificial additives, only well-feature, high-quality ingredients. Our Lignan supplement is more than just a product – it represents our commitment to natural pet health and vitality. When you choose Lignan for Life, you’re not just buying a supplement. You’re investing in your dog’s overall wellness and longevity. We strive to honor the special bond between pets and their owners through natural products that make a real difference.


1. Ad Approval Hurdles

One of the key challenges for the client mentioned in the case study was obtaining permission to run ads on Google. This is particularly difficult for companies in the drugs and supplements sector due to stringent advertising policies.

2. Inadequate ROI from In-House Efforts

The client initially struggled with their in-house search ads, failing to drive quality traffic and achieve a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) for their e-commerce store.

3. Inefficient Conversion Tracking

The case study indicates that the client’s standard search ads conversion tracking setup was incorrect, which would have led to inaccurate measurement of campaign performance and suboptimal allocation of their advertising budget.

4. Lack of Targeted Advertising

Before partnering with XtremeUX, the client had not been able to effectively reach their target audience through their advertising efforts, which is crucial for generating viable leads and conversions.

5. Suboptimal Bid Strategies

The client needed to enforce a conversion bid strategy that aligned with their specific campaign goals, which suggests that their previous bid strategies were not effective in optimizing for conversions.

6. Daily Budget Management

The client required assistance in managing their campaign’s daily spending and optimizing the cost per click (CPC) for their shopping ads to ensure efficient use of their advertising budget.


1. Navigating Google’s Ad Maze: Achieving Compliance in Supplement Marketing

We navigated the complex landscape of Google’s advertising policies, especially those governing drugs and supplements. Our team leveraged its expertise to ensure that all ads complied with the necessary regulations. We worked closely with Google to get the required approvals, ensuring that our client’s ads were live and reaching potential customers.

2. Maximizing ROI: Revitalizing In-House Campaigns with Strategic Overhauls

Our team conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing in-house search ad campaigns to identify inefficiencies. We then restructured the campaigns with a focus on high-intent keywords and audience targeting to improve the quality of traffic. This strategic approach led to a more efficient use of the ad spend and ultimately improved the ROI.

3. Precision Tracking: Redefining Conversion Metrics for Informed Decisions

We overhauled the client’s conversion tracking setup to ensure accurate data collection. By implementing a robust tracking system, we were able to measure the effectiveness of each ad campaign precisely. This allowed for data-driven decisions and optimization of ad spend towards the most profitable actions.

4. Target Acquired: Refining Ad Reach with Surgical Audience Segmentation

To address the issue of reaching the right audience, we designed and executed highly targeted search ad campaigns. These included both branded and non-branded keywords to capture the full spectrum of potential customers. Our team used demographic and psychographic data to refine the targeting, ensuring that the ads were seen by those most likely to convert.

5. Smart Bidding: Leveraging AI for Cost-Effective Campaign Outcomes

We implemented smart bidding strategies that utilized machine learning to optimize bids in real-time. Our approach focused on conversion-based bidding strategies, which allowed us to pursue the client’s specific campaign goals effectively. This shift to a more dynamic bidding approach maximized the client’s budget efficiency.

6. Budget Mastery: Daily Spend Optimization for Peak Ad Performance

Our team took a proactive approach to managing the daily ad spend. By optimizing the shopping ads’ CPC and monitoring the campaigns’ performance, we ensured that the budget was allocated to the best-performing ads. Regular adjustments were made to respond to market trends and campaign data, ensuring optimal use of the client’s advertising budget.


XtremeUX intervened with a comprehensive paid advertising strategy that included optimizing shopping ads, correcting conversion tracking setups, and implementing robust analytics. They launched targeted search ad campaigns for both branded and non-branded keywords, overhauled conversion tracking, applied conversion bid strategies, and optimized cost per click for shopping ads, in addition to utilizing display ads to complement the search and shopping campaigns.

  • A 40.62% increase in orders/calls/leads
  • A 38.04% increase in revenue
  • A 339.88% improvement in ROAS
Lignan for Life Case Study Result

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