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Our client stands out as a premier purveyor of luxury aromas, specializing in the in-store and online retail of exclusive fragrances crafted to enrich any environment. With an artisanal approach to scent creation, they have established themselves as purveyors of the world’s most exquisite and high-quality olfactory experiences. Their product portfolio boasts a meticulously curated selection of scented candles, diffusers, and room sprays among other fragrant offerings, each designed to infuse spaces with a unique ambiance.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their business, from the careful design of their products to the attentive service provided to each customer. This fragrance supplier caters to a discerning clientele that values the transformative power of scent and seeks to elevate their living or working spaces with sophisticated aromas. By blending traditional techniques with contemporary innovation, the company has cemented its reputation as a leader in the luxury fragrance market, dedicated to scenting spaces with elegance and finesse.


1. In-House SEO Limitations

The client’s internal team managed organic SEO and search efforts, but they were not achieving the desired outcomes, indicating a lack of expertise or resources necessary to optimize their online presence effectively.

2. Transition from Offline to Online Paid Media

Their advertising efforts were previously confined to offline media, and there was a significant challenge in establishing and optimizing a digital paid media presence from scratch.

3. Targeting and Acquisition Strategy

The company needed to develop and implement a precise targeting strategy to scale customer acquisition, which would involve identifying and capturing the most profitable segments of the market.

4. Optimization of Marketing Spend

The goal was to hit Cost Per Lead (CPL) targets while also ensuring that spending on different marketing channels was profitable, which required a sophisticated approach to budget allocation and campaign management.

5. Improving Sales and Traffic

There was a critical challenge in attracting qualified traffic that would convert into sales, necessitating a comprehensive analysis of traffic sources and user behavior to drive performance.

6. Website User Experience

The client’s website required changes to make navigation and page structure more intuitive for both users and search engine bots, which is essential for improving the conversion rate and overall user engagement.


1. Transforming In-House Efforts into Organic Search Triumphs

Through XtremeUX’s expert analysis and a tailored SEO strategy, the fragrance supplier shifted from ineffective in-house SEO to a robust organic search presence, significantly enhancing their online visibility.

2. Crafting a Digital Ad Presence from the Ground Up

The supplier transitioned from traditional offline advertising to a comprehensive online paid media strategy, leveraging Shopping ads and Remarketing ads to build an impactful digital footprint.

3. Precision Marketing for Profitable Customer Acquisition

XtremeUX implemented a precise targeting strategy across different marketing areas, utilizing data analysis to focus on the most profitable segments and optimize spending to meet CPL goals.

4. Maximizing ROI on Every Marketing Dollar Spent

By identifying key metrics and adjusting campaign focus, the fragrance supplier was able to optimize their marketing spend and achieve a greater return on investment, leading to increased sales.

5. Driving Qualified Leads to Fuel a Sales Surge

XtremeUX’s strategic consultation and campaign management directed a surge of qualified traffic to the supplier’s website, utilizing best-selling product campaigns and price-level promotion to elevate sales figures.

6. Navigating to a User-Centric Design for Maximum Conversion

The agency’s website overhaul made navigation and page structure more intuitive, enhancing the user experience for both human visitors and search bots, thereby contributing to the remarkable improvement in conversion rates.


  • Orders, calls and leads rose by 109%, indicating a substantial increase in customer engagement and sales activity.
  • Revenue skyrocketed by 101%, doubling the financial intake from sales and affirming the effectiveness of the marketing strategies.
  • The conversion rate spiked by 89.56%, demonstrating that a higher proportion of visitors were persuaded to make purchases.
  • The cost per conversion was cut by 34%, which means that the client spent less money to acquire each sale, enhancing overall campaign efficiency.
  • Achieved a 138.86% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), indicating a significant gain in revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising.
Fragrance Supplier Case Study Result

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