238% Increase in Sales through Proven SEO Strategies

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Client Profile

The client is one of the largest online home furniture Stores, making high-quality range to elevate the home with beautiful aesthetics and make everyday living easy and thrilling. All their products are designed to keep customer needs at the focus and solve the multiple new-age home living essentials like work, study, leisure, relaxation, and more.

Case Study website screenshot
case study traffic revenue roas increased


Being an online furniture retailer meant that the client was sitting in a very competitive landscape. And due to the crowded marketplace and a limited budget, the project’s major challenge was growing the company into a constant sales-generating machine while setting it as a top in their field. Another challenge was increasing traffic and better managing their online reputation.


To ensure clients get the maximum return on their investment, we help manage their store, conduct regular product analysis, optimize feeds, evaluate campaigns, and more. To bring the store to life digitally and at speed, XtremeUX put together a strategy that included the following:

  • SEO strategy
  • Feed optimization and fill this feed with highly searched keywords
  • Email campaigns and automation
  • Separate campaigns for top-selling products
  • Referral code program setup
  • Facebook: Run ads and events
  • Ad Campaigns: Instagram, Google Shopping Ads, Google Ads, Remarketing Ads, Display Ads, etc
  • Other Campaigns such as the AdRoll campaign and the Criteo campaign

Business Impact

Within just a few months of the beginning of a paid campaign with XtremeUX, the client started appearing within the searches of their targeting audience, which resulted in a 238.75% increase in organic traffic. Let’s see the remaining success of the client:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls

Increase in Revenue


Sales increased

conversion improved


Increase in ROAS