Doubles Leads and Traffic with a Remarkable 101% Increase in Revenue

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Client Profile

An in-store and online exclusive fragrance supplier. Design, create and supply the world’s finest, high quality fragrances to scent your space. The company offers an extensive range of scented candles, diffusers, room sprays, etc.

Case Study website screenshot
case study traffic revenue roas increased


Initially, the Client managed its organic SEO and search efforts in-house and was not reaching the desired results. Their paid media was also fully offline and needed to be built through the base. They knew they needed expert hands to handle their marketing.

The goal was to scale acquisition with a precise targeting strategy on different marketing areas in profitable spending by hitting CPL goals, attracting qualified traffic, and increasing sales.


A data-driven approach, detailed data analysis, and market research of clients’ site by XtremeUX determined where the significant traffic was coming from, what metrics needed to be optimized, and what segments the client would get the most profit from.

Here’s how XtremeUX helped the client:

  • Consultation
    • To run Shopping ads and Remarketing ads campaigns to increase traffic and sales
    • Website changes – Designing and featuring products.
  • Make navigation and page structure more instinctive for bots and humans.
  • Use the conversion bid strategy
  • Remarketing ads and Shopping ads – google, bing, yahoo shopping ads
  • Winning Strategy
    • Separate campaigns for best-selling products.
    • Bifurcate and promote price-level products through different powerful campaigns.

Business Impact

XtremeUX’s different winning strategies, including strategic ad campaigns, led potential customers through a sales funnel, resulting in brand recognition and a steady revenue stream with product retargeting. The proof is in the numbers:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls

Increase in Revenue


Increased Revenue

conversion improved


Conversion Improved

Reduce Cost per conversion


Cost per Conversion Reduced