2117% Increase in ROAS With Shopping Ads

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Client Profile

One of the top distributors and dealers for many different companies for years across the USA. Their mission is to ensure that every brand they deliver is carefully considered and tested for quality before they begin to sell any of their parts. Also, deliver advice to the customers with fitment, warranty, and product knowledge, before the purchase.

Case Study website screenshot
case study traffic revenue roas increased


Before partnering with XtremeUX, the client was already running their in-house marketing campaigns and doing SEO but still wanted more from the results. They want to grow sales through an increase in conversion rate and average order value, made from a better user experience throughout the journey.


With 50+ years of combined digital marketing experience, XtremeUX knows what suits the client best to grow their business. Solutions XtremeUX provides to the clients:

  • Product feeds optimization after uploading inventory on the merchant account
  • Shopping Ads

Business Impact

Within a few months, Google Shopping Advertising became a key revenue stream for the business. Let’s see some key stats since the client joins XtremeUX:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls / Leads

Increase in Revenue


Increase in Revenue

conversion improved


ROAS in increased

Reduce Cost per conversion


Reduced cost per conversion