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Local SEO Checklist

Optimize your local business with 53 checkpoints

Local search engine optimization (aka Local SEO) is the process of getting your business to appear on the first page of Google’s local search results. The 53 Points Local SEO Checklist outlines the key actions you’ll want to take to rank higher in the local search results so you attract more local customers every month.

On-site optimization

  1. Redirect all pages to www or non-www (preferred site indexing)
  2. Install site wide SSL (HTTPs)
  3. Use structured data markup
  4. Create XML Sitemap and submit in Google
  5. Setup Google Search Console
  6. Setup Google Analytics
  7. Link Google Search Console to Google Analytics
  8. Make Mobile-friendly website
  9. Improve Page Speed
  10. Create HTML sitemap
  11. Create Custom 404 Page

On-page optimization

  1. Clean and SEO-friendly URLs
  2. Optimize Title tags
  3. OptimizeMeta tags
  4. Optimize H1 tags (headline)
  5. Optimize Image file names and ALT tags
  6. Remove duplicate content
  7. Remove low-value content
  8. Create on-site blog posts
  9. Make detailed service pages
  10. Create Location pages

Off-page optimization

  1. Register on general directories
  2. Research and submit your business to niche directories
  3. Research and register your business to local directories
  4. Get links from Associations, Business Partners, Chamber of Commerce and Sponsorship etc.
  5. Contribute an article to another blogs and websites
  6. Review Competitors’ backlinks and see which of those links you can get too
  7. Publish articles and news to another websites
  8. Create and post infographics and share on social media sites
  9. Submit site on local classified ads
  10. Join forums and contribute in discussion boards
  11. Provide valuable comments on other relevant blogs
  12. Create profile on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora etc.

Google My Business

Setup Google My Business is the 1st step towards rankings on Google Maps.

  1. Create / claim Google My Business listing
  2. Monitor and respond to reviews
  3. Generate more reviews


One-of the biggest factor improving your local search rankings are citations. Citations are mentions of your Name, Address and Phone on the web. The more consistent citations you have better the rankings.

  1. Bing listing
  2. Yelp listing
  3. Top citations
  4. Duplicate citations
  5. Inconsistant citations

Secure your local SEO rankings

  1. Make regular posts on Google My Business
  2. Publish content on other sites regularly
  3. Continuously build your social media audience
  4. Post regularly content on your social media profiles
  5. Reply quickly to any negative review add
  6. Continually add more content or pages on your site
  7. Continually build more citations
  8. Continually build more external backlinks
  9. Continually build more reviews
  10. Continually monitoring Bounce Rate, Click through Rate and Avg. positions
  11. Regularly check external backlinks, HTML errors and broken links
  12. Regularly monitoring citations

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.