PPC & Shopping Ads Audit

Maximize 5x ROAS for your Shopping Ads campaigns

Our data-driven methods evaluate existing Google shopping ads campaigns and make them profitable. Our findings indicate that a minor modification can increase by 15-20% in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

How well are your shopping campaigns doing?

Shopping CampaignsP erformance.
  • Ad spending and revenue analysis
  • Account diagnostic
  • Device performance
  • Conversion tracking

Top products performance by sales and revenues

Top product performance
  • Search ad campaigns
  • Analysis of top spending search terms
  • Top locations by revenues
  • Basic UX analysis
  • Recommended strategy and budget
  • Customized PPC management proposal

*Offer applies to existing Google Shopping accounts with 90 days of continuous Shopping history and at least $5,000 spend in Shopping Ads during that time.

We review in the PPC audit

Account Structure

Review the account structure, including the campaign’s design, ad groups, and keywords. A well-structured account can significantly improve ad performance.

Keyword Performance

Analyze the performance of your keywords. Includes checking keyword match types, searching for new keywords, identifying low-performing keywords, and checking negative keywords.

Ad Copy and Extensions

Evaluate the effectiveness of ad copy and extensions. Are they compelling and relevant to the target audience? Are all available and relevant ad extensions being used?

Quality Score

Review the quality scores of your keywords. Quality Score is a critical component in determining the cost and effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

Landing Pages

Evaluate the landing pages associated with your ads. They should be relevant to the ad copy and keyword, have a clear call-to-action, and be optimized for conversions.

Conversion Tracking

Ensure conversion tracking is set up correctly. It’s important to understand what actions users are taking after clicking on your ads.

Bid and Budget Management

Assess your bidding strategy and budget allocation. Are you getting a good return on investment? Are there opportunities to allocate budget more efficiently?

CTR Analysis

Evaluate your ads’ click-through rates. Low CTR can indicate issues with ad relevance, targeting, or ad copy.

Impression Share

Review the Impression Share of your ads. If it’s low, you may be missing out on potential visibility.

Ad Schedule and Location Settings

Check your ad scheduling and location settings. Are your ads running at optimal times and targeting the right geographic locations?

Device Performance

Evaluate performance across different devices. You may need to adjust bids for mobile, desktop, and tablet users depending on where you get better performance.

Audience Targeting

Review the audience targeting settings. This includes remarketing lists, demographic targeting, and interest categories.