Core Web Vitals Optimization Services

Optimizing for Core Web Vitals is crucial for providing users with the best possible web experience. At XtremeUX, we offer comprehensive Core Web Vitals optimization services to help your website achieve excellent page experience scores. Our team of experts will analyze your site’s current Core Web Vitals metrics and implement proven optimizations to improve the First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). With years of experience optimizing large ecommerce sites, XtremeUX has the expertise to optimize your site for long-term Core Web Vitals success. Trust us to provide the Core Web Vitals optimizations your site needs to delight users and succeed online.

Core Web Vitals Optimization Services

Industry Facts

  • A study of 6,500 US Ecommerce sites revealed that 87% would FAIL a Core Web Vitals assessment today.
  • 39% of analyzed web pages passed the Core Web Vitals metrics, while the other 61% were below the threshold.
  • 80% of the pages that pass Core Web Vitals on Desktop also pass them on Mobile.
  • According to this research, only 12% of mobile sites are optimized to pass the Core Web Vitals assessment right now.
  • 30% would pass for Cumulative Layout Shift, 38% would pass for Largest Contentful Paint, and 93% would pass First Input Delay.

What You’ll Recieved

Improved User Satisfaction

Enhance user satisfaction and engagement by providing a seamless and responsive browsing experience.

Increased Conversions

Reduce bounce rates and increase conversions by ensuring that your website loads quickly and is easy to use on all devices.

Boosted Search Rankings

Improve your website’s visibility and search engine rankings by meeting Google’s Core Web Vitals requirements.

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