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Ecommerce SEO Optimization

What Is Ecommerce SEO Optimization?

Creating an eCommerce website with a good user experience that showcases your products is just the first step in launching your online business.

You also need to optimize your site for search engines. With our one time SEO setup services, we implement effective SEO strategies to help your pages appear in search results.

To increase your earning potential, you need to attract visitors to your site. Our eCommerce SEO setup and optimization service has you covered.

What Does Ecommerce SEO Optimization Include?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that your pages appear toward the top of related search engine results.

According to a 2014 study, 67% of all clicks go to the top five results. If your product pages and eCommerce site appear lower down the list, you miss out on potential customers.

SEO provides a way to naturally increase your rankings and gain more visitors. At XtremeUX Digital, we can handle the SEO for you, ensuring that every page includes recommended optimization techniques.

With our one time SEO optimization service, we ensure that your eCommerce site includes these details. We research your industry and products and implement effective SEO strategies to begin naturally increasing your search position, delivering more potential shoppers to your site.

The main components of effective Ecommerce SEO Optimization include:

Keyword usage

Keyword usage is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO. Using the wrong keywords or using too many of the same keyword can hurt your position in search result pages.

Meta tags

We perform detailed keyword research for your niche market to discover the most effective keywords and phrases. We then distribute these keywords throughout your site, including your product pages.

Structured data

Your eCommerce site also requires meta tags and structured data. These details help search engines determine the type of content on your site, helping to increase your search results position.


Backlinks remain an essential component for proper SEO. While Google and other search engines have adjusted their algorithms over the years, quality backlinks still help you gain better search rankings.

Social media

Social media signals also influence your search rankings. Negative comments and a lack of response to customer inquiries hurts your ability to gain organic traffic.

Quality content

Quality content is the final and arguably the most important SEO detail. Search engines have become incredibly sophisticated at analyzing the content of a web page to determine its relevance for specific search queries.

Page-Load Time

Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page-load speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. The speed of an eCommerce website plays a vital role in its conversion rate. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

Affordable and Convenient Ecommerce SEO Optimization Services

Proper SEO requires a lot of work. Every page on your eCommerce site, including individual category pages and product pages, require optimization. 

Increasing your search rankings also requires offsite SEO. This includes backlink building, typically through online business directories. 

At XtremeUX Digital, we have helped eCommerce sites of all sizes. Whether you have a dozen products or hundreds, we can thoroughly evaluate your site and implement the best SEO techniques to help boost your placement in organic search results.

Get in touch with us today to start increasing your rankings and attract more visitors to your site. 

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.