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Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Do you need help improving the search rankings for your eCommerce site?

At XtremeUX Digital, we offer professional SEO strategies to boost your online presence and drive more traffic to your site. 

From category pages to individual product pages, we provide the most effective solutions for increasing the exposure of your eCommerce website. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits of implementing the best SEO strategies.

Effective Keyword Research for Your eCommerce Site

Keyword research remains one of the most important aspects of SEO. Instead of using long-tail keywords or phrases, many eCommerce business owners focus on short keywords, such as a product category. Currently, over 50% of search queries include four or more words. 

To increase your search position, we perform thorough keyword research. We determine what keywords your potential customers use most frequently. We also look at the level of competition for each keyword phrase, finding a happy balance between keyword volume and competition.

Add Meta Tags and Structured Data to Your Content

Besides keywords, your product pages and category pages also need meta tags and structured data. This onsite SEO helps search engines determine what your pages are about. 

The meta tags include the title and description while the structured data includes a growing list of helpful information that you can add to your webpages. With structured data, you can let Google know what types of products appear on the webpage, how much they cost, and the category of the product.

With the proper use of meta tags and structured data, you should experience a gradual increase in organic traffic. With more organic traffic, you gain more potential shoppers.

Build Quality Backlinks to Boost Your Authority

Along with onsite SEO, your website needs offsite SEO. This includes backlink building. 

In the early days of the internet, the number of backlinks directly impacted a website’s position in search results pages. These days, the quality of backlinks has become more important.

When trusted sites link to your website, you gain authority. This increases your search ranking, helping people discover your online business and products. 

We use the most reliable backlink building techniques to boost the credibility of your site. To build quality links, we use online directories, social media platforms, and authoritative blogs. 

Professional SEO Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

At XtremeUX Digital, we can implement the SEO strategies discussed. Allow us to review your eCommerce site and find ways to increase your rankings in search results pages.

We strive to deliver the following advantages to every client:

  • More visitors
  • Better search rankings
  • Improved ad rank
  • Convenient SEO solutions

Instead of spending hours each day trying to increase your search rankings, allow the experts to handle the legwork. We have years of experience and always utilize the latest SEO practices.

We pay attention to changes in the search engine algorithms and continually research the latest SEO techniques and strategies. 

Start improving your SEO today. Contact us at XtremeUX Digital for more details about our professional SEO solutions for eCommerce sites.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.