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Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads to Promote Physical Goods to Online Shoppers

With Google Local Inventory Ads, you can promote your in-store inventory to online shoppers.

A whopping 87% of shoppers start their shopping experience online before visiting local stores. Local Inventory Ads give you a way to connect with these shoppers and promote your products.

XtremeUX Digital can help set up your next Ads campaign or review your existing campaign to find room for improvement. We offer the solutions needed to maximize the performance of your Local Inventory Ads.

What Is Google Local Inventory Ads?

Local Inventory Ads appear in local searches, as with traditional local search ads. However, instead of a simple text ad, you get to highlight one or more products.

When shoppers search with Google, they can click on the ads and open a virtual local storefront. The storefront displays your in-store inventory, store hours, directions, and other information that can help you complete a sale.

Using Google Local Inventory Ads provides several important advantages to brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Promote items that you have in stock.
  • Bring your local store to an online world.
  • Easily monitor the performance of your digital ads.

The only drawback is the amount of time that it takes to get everything set up.

Why Hire Us to Create Your Local Inventory Ads?

As with local search ads, you need to first create a product feed. You also need to configure your account, register and submit your product feed, and even schedule a store visit from a Google representative.

Instead of dealing with these tasks on your own, allow the pros at XtremeUX Digital to set up your Google Local Inventory Ads campaign.

After analyzing your goals and expectations, we can assist with the creation of a successful campaign. Save time and get back to running your business.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Google Local Inventory Ads services.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.