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Google Shopping Ads Setup

Setting up and managing a Google Shopping Ads campaign requires a lot of effort. 

Instead of spending your time setting up bids and other parameters for each product, allow us to handle these tasks. You can get back to running your business while we take care of the setup. 

Why You Need Professional Help Setting up Your Campaign?

We offer a comprehensive service for setting up your Google Shopping ad campaign. From creating your product feed to choosing ad groups and launching your campaign, we have you covered.

If you have never set up a Google Shopping ad campaign, you may struggle with the product feed. The feed includes the details of the products that you plan to advertise.

You need to follow strict guidelines for the product feed. If the feed includes any errors, Google will reject it. Resolving the errors is a complicated and time-consuming task.

Let us take care of it for you. 

Why Does Your Product Data Matter?

Your product feed is one of the most important parts of your Google Shopping ad campaign. Without the right details, you may lose out on customers and experience lower conversion rates. 

Across all industries, the average conversion rate is just 2.35%. To help increase this stat, we review every aspect of your products, including:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Product category
  • Ad groups

Each detail affects the quality score of your advertisements, which affects your bids, click through rates, and cost per click.

How Can We Help Optimize Your Product Data?

Setting up the product feed is also one of the hardest parts of the Google Shopping campaign. 

Without advertising experience, it is easy to overlook certain details. Some of the issues that may negatively impact your ad campaign include:

  • Ineffective ad copy
  • Low-resolution images 
  • Not using keywords
  • Not using categories
  • Not using merchant promotions

The title is a top priority. It is the text at the top of the ad and the first thing that people tend to look at after the image. Common mistakes include using multiple keywords, not using a target keyword, and not providing enough information.

The title should be descriptive, clear, and concise. It should also contain one target keyword or keyword phrase that perfectly fits the product. If the keyword is not relevant, you get a low ad quality score.

The image also impacts your metrics. If the image is low resolution, grainy, and difficult to see, people will not click on your ad. 

To maximize clicks, only use quality images. Use a high-resolution camera and good lighting to highlight the product.

Drive High-Converting Traffic to Your Product Pages

Google Shopping ad campaigns provide an effective online advertising solution, but you need to get the details right. Your product feed and bidding strategy determine the success of your advertisements.

After carefully reviewing your products, business, and industry, we can ensure that your product feed meets Google’s guidelines and delivers a top advertisement quality score. We then structure your products into ad groups and handle the bidding.

Allow us to set up your campaign while you sit back and enjoy high-converting traffic without spending a fortune on clicks.

Contact us today to discuss your Google Shopping ad campaign!

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.