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Google Shopping Monitoring and Reporting

We offer active monitoring and reporting to help determine which of your products are selling best. You receive detailed stats, giving you a better look at the success of your ad campaign.

Using the information from our detailed reports, we continue to tweak and adjust your ad campaign to maximize sales.

Why Do You Need Ongoing Monitoring?

Google Shopping provides the largest growth opportunity in the world of online advertising. However, these ad campaigns require monitoring to help you get better results. When you first create your campaign, you may not know which products sell best or how visitors will respond to your ads.

We monitor and collect metrics and then provide suggestions for optimizing your campaign. Some of the metrics that we monitor include:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Impression share
  • Product status
  • Conversion metrics

To successfully monitor the performance of your campaign, you need to regularly analyze dozens of key metrics. This is a time-consuming task that may keep you from dealing with other aspects of your business.

We monitor your campaign for you, so you have more time to grow your business.

Review and Optimize Your Product Data

While monitoring your campaign, we find ways to optimize your product data. The information that you add to the Merchant Center in your product feed directly affects the performance of your ads.

Issues related to the title, description, and images can keep people from wanting to learn more about your products. If you are not getting a lot of clicks, these areas often require review and optimization.

Organize Your Product Groups

If you have a lot of products, it helps to organize them into groups. Google Shopping allows you to use product groups to structure your campaign.

A well-organized product group also makes it easier to manage and track your campaign. You can subdivide your products based on category, product type, channel, brand, or custom labels.

Set an Effective Bidding Strategy

With your product details optimized, you still need to set the right bids. There is a balancing act when it comes to bidding.

If you bid too high, you get more clicks, but also increase your cost per customer acquisition. If you bid too low, Google users may not see your ads.

Why Hire Us to Monitor Your Google Shopping Campaign?

While Google provides analytics for monitoring the performance of your campaign, you may not fully understand what details affect each metric.

When you notice that your campaign has low conversion rates, high CPCs, and low CPRs, you may not know how to correct the problem.

We know the likely culprits behind poor metrics. With our continued monitoring, you receive ongoing optimization to continually improve the performance of your campaign and provide the following benefits:

  • Higher click-through rates
  • Lower cost per click
  • More sales and fewer wasted ad dollars

We save you time and money while optimizing your ads. You also receive regular reports, allowing you to keep track as your campaign starts to take off.

Google Shopping is one of the best online advertising platforms, if you continue to monitor and optimize your campaign.

Contact us today to start receiving detailed Google Shopping reports!

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.