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SEO For Psychologists

Why the Psychologist’s Website need SEO?

If you are offering counseling and/or curative services, you want to get a steady flow of patients and this is where SEO can be rather helpful. SEO helps get your site to the first page which then will give you more site traffic. The more visitors you have, the more prospects you get.

Getting lost in the hoards of websites on the internet nowadays is simple. Unless you efficiently implement and use SEO strategies on your site, users can easily bypass visiting it. Since the primary aim of having a web presence is to get more traffic and more business, it’s very important to understand how SEO can play a role. SEO is not limited to any 1 kind of company but has gone on to become a part of the company campaign of each site owner.

Primarily, SEO will allow you to improve website traffic, and thus the number of consultations and appointments as you reach out to the ideal kind of patients on the net. This means more companies and thus increased clientele and reputation in the marketplace.

Top lead generation sources for  Psychologist’s Website

There are many Online Marketing strategies that can help you attract the quality customers you need. One of these techniques is SEO.

  • Blog
  • Google Maps Listing
  • Local directories
  • Niche directories
  • Google ads (Pay per Click)
  • Facebook advertising
  • Social media management

Popular search queries for Psychologist’s website

Below is a list of the MOST CRITICAL keywords related to your Therapist business that you want to be sure your website is optimized for:

  • Your City + Psychologists
  • Your City + Clinical Psychologists
  • Your City + Child Psychologists
  • Your City + School Psychologists
  • Psychologists In Your City
  • Clinical Psychologists In Your City
  • Child Psychologists In Your City
  • School Psychologists In Your City

Popular SEO Keywords for Psychologists

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Private Clinical Psychologist Register Of Clinical Psychologists
Mental Health Psychologist Clinical Psychology Local Psychologist
Pediatric Psychologist Licensed Psychologist Psychological Therapy
Teenage Psychologist Registered Psychologist Professional Psychology
Psychologist In My Area Psychology For Kids Psychologist For Children
Private Psychologist Best Psychologist Psychotherapy Treatment
Licensed Psychotherapist Therapist Psychologist Online Psychologist
Psychotherapist In My Area Best Child Psychologist Psychological Services
Psychotherapy Therapy Local Child Psychologist Psychologist In The Area
Registered Clinical Psychologist Top Child Psychologist Nearest Psychologist

Top niche directories for Psychologist

Here is the list of top niche sites your Psychologist’s website should be listed. These are the popular referral sources your customers frequently visit to find roofing contractors.

  • psychologytoday.com
  • psychcentral.com
  • goodtherapy.org
  • vitals.com
  • counselling-directory.org.uk
  • wellness.com
  • allaboutcounseling.com
  • theravive.com
  • doctor.com
  • healthprofs.com
  • therapytribe.com
  • caredash.com
  • networktherapy.com
  • networktherapy.com
  • psychology.com
  • health-local.com
  • findatherapist.com
  • healthdirectory.com.au
  • alltherapist.com
  • counsel-search.com
  • counsellingbc.com
  • ehealthscores.com
  • onlinecounselling.com
  • psychdirectory.com
  • labdraw.com
  • internationalhealthdirectory.com

Popular topics and questions frequently search for Psychologist service

A list of popular topics and questions in the Psychologist industry; your customers frequently search in Google. Incorporate these topics on your site helps you drive more organic traffic and generate qualified leads.

  • How to find a psychologist near me?
  • How to find a good therapist?
  • Who is a good psychologist for online counseling
  • Why is it so hard to find a therapist/psychologist?
  • What do psychologists notice about people with depression?
  • Who is the best psychologist near me?
  • Where do I find a good psychologist/therapist?
  • Is psychological counseling really helpful?
  • How to choose a therapist?
  • What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Psychologist website design tips for local rankings and more conversions

Site pages and directory structure

  • Create keyword-rich service pages
  • Make galleries/portfolio organized around targeted keywords
  • Create keyword-rich location pages (execute as service areas)
  • Create keyword-rich categories and blog posts

Conversion-focused Psychologist’s web design ideas

  • Display site-wide phone number prominently on top-right
  • Make click-to-call phone number link for mobile browsers
  • Display Call-to-Action or Email on the top-right corner
  • Display serving the city name region
  • Add “Request A Quote” form sitewide
  • Add testimonials/display Google Reviews sitewide
  • Add credibility badges sitewide (groups, associations, brands, certifications, etc.)
  • Display Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) site-wide in the footer
  • Add breadcrumb to the top of the page content
  • Create a FAQ page

Blog posts

  • Add lead generation form or Call-to-Action on blog posts
  • Add blog wide social sharing links
  • Add blog wide service areas (cites served) links
  • Display date and author bio on the blog post
  • Create an author bio page
  • Display categories and popular posts
  • Link service pages from blog post content

Location page

  • Add main service and city name in the headline
  • Display Video, virtual tour, gallery or image of this location
  • Google Map of city name location
  • Driving instructions if customer visit this location
  • Lead generation form or Call-to-Action
  • Contact information (complete address, phone, email of this location in Schema markup and link to this Google Page)
  • Add “hours” of this location (hours match Google Maps and in Schema markup)
  • Link to Review sites (Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Add Social sharing links
  • Add links of other “Cities Served”

Contact page

  • Add a contact form
  • Display NAP (Name, Address & Phone) in Schema
  • Display “hours” in Schema and match to Google Maps
  • Add Google Maps on the contact page

SEO tips for Psychologist website

  • Use structured data markup
  • Create XML Sitemap and submit in Google
  • Create/Claim your Google My Business listing
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Develop a mobile-friendly website
  • Structure your URLs clean and SEO-friendly
  • Optimize Title tags
  • Optimize your images
  • Create / Claim Bing listing
  • Create / Claim Yelp listing
  • Create / Claim listings on other directories
  • Get on niche-specific directories
  • Get on popular social platforms
  • Submit business in top citations sites
  • Check competitors’ citations and claim listings
  • Remove duplicate citations
  • Monitor and respond to reviews regularly
  • Look to generate more reviews
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Update content regularly
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Post regularly on Google My Business

Are you a Psychologist in need of more business?

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