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Local SEO Management

Local SEO Monthly Management for Continued Success

Fresh content and regular updates keep your business relevant

Optimizing your website is just the first step in boosting your search rankings. For continued success, you need to continue to supply your website with new content.

You can rely on XtremeUX Digital for local SEO monthly management services to keep your website fresh. Keep climbing the search rankings while attracting new customers and boosting sales.

What Is Local SEO Management?

Monthly management services provide key solutions for keeping your site relevant in local searches.

Google and other search engines look at the age of your content and how frequently you update your site. Without regular updates, your site begins to slide in rankings until it becomes hidden behind pages of search results.

Our local SEO management solutions are essential for continued growth. Here are some of the ways that we help keep your site relevant:

  • Content creation
  • Directory listings
  • Link building
  • Google My Business updates

Allow us to create quality content released on a regular schedule. This is one of the most important aspects of local or traditional SEO. Without new content, Google assumes that your business is less relevant, resulting in lower rankings.

New content also helps keep visitors coming back for more. Repeat traffic and consistent user activity affect your search rankings. Google notices when people stop visiting your site.

We also search for business directories in your region and industry, helping to generate more inbound links to your website. This gives your website more authority, increasing the chances of a better search ranking.

You get to sit back and watch as more customers arrive at your website and physical location each month.

Why Should You Care About Local SEO?

Without optimizing your site for local searches, you neglect your local market. You may miss out on hundreds or thousands of visits each month.

Search statistics reveal that 46% of all searches have local intent. This means that almost half of all search queries are for local products and services.

Google uses a variety of different factors to determine the relevance of webpages and business listings for specific search queries.

These factors include:

  • Google My Business details
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Citation signals
  • Customer reviews
  • Click-through rates
  • Mobile clicks
  • Social signals 

With our monthly management services, we ensure that your new content includes proper SEO. We also continue to add your business to relevant online directories, build new backlinks, and help manage your online presence.

Your Complete Source for Local Search Optimization

At XtremeUX Digital, we offer a range of services to help your business stand out in the highly competitive online world. Along with monthly management, we offer one-time local SEO setup, Google My Business optimization, and additional services to boost your search rankings.

If you are not happy with the organic traffic that your site receives, it may be time to optimize your website. When you want better search rankings, you need to continue adding new content and links.

Contact our team today for more information about local SEO management and other SEO solutions.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.