Email Marketing

Stay on top and save time with our email marketing services.

Target the perfect customer, increase retention and drive more repeat sales at higher cart values with hyper-targeted messages that are triggered by specific behaviors.

With XtremeUX, you get full-fledged, multi-pronged email marketing strategies that boost sales and keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds. We build strategies and workflows that effectively drive prospects through the sales funnel.

Email Campaign Management


  • Combine multiple channels – Email, SMS, Web, Social
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Grow your email list
  • Onsite targeting
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Targeted website messages
  • Increase repeat purchases

Workflow automation

Some of the examples of workflow automation and segmentation.

Workflow Automation

Welcome series

Introduce new subscribers to your brand and turn them into customers.

Abandoned cart

Remind customers that there are items in their cart that haven’t been purchased.

Browse abandonment

Reach out to customers who browsed your website but did not make a purchase.

Thank you series / repeat purchases

Thank customers for their purchase after a confirmation email has been sent.

Lists & Segmentation

List & Segmentation


Users subscribe for newsletter

Repeat buyers

Placed order is greater than one overall time

Potential customers

  • Viewed product at least once in the last 30 days
  • OR clicked email at least once in the previous 30 days
  • OR active on-site at least once in the last 30 days
  • Placed order zero times over all-time

VIP customers

Placed order is greater than five orders overall time


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