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PPC For Roofing Company

PPC Marketing for Roofing Companies

If you’re not testing and investing Pay per Click marketing for your roofing services, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Just search your potential money keyword and check whether your competitors’ ad showing top of the search results.

PPC for roofing companies works fast and delivers instant results. It gives you not only quick leads but keyword ideas you can easily optimize for SEO. PPC for roofers allows you to reach your target customers effectively when they search for your service in Google. It gives you complete control and flexibility over your ad spend and leads requirements. Whether you have a new website or an old one, PPC works for every roofer.

Why choose us for your roofing company PPC marketing?

We are Google Ads certified specialists for roofing company PPC marketing to help you generate roofing leads.

  • Reduce your cost per click
  • Reduce your waste spend
  • Reduce your cost per conversion
  • No minimum ad budget
  • Guaranteed phone calls & inquiries

PPC marketing setup for a roofing company

Our Google certified experts implement and manage your Google PPC campaign so that you pay the lowest cost-per-click possible while getting the best conversion rates!

Campaign setup

  • Geo-targeting
  • Ad group
  • Ad extensions
  • Phone calls campaign
  • Keyword research
  • Negative keyword list
  • Bidding strategy
  • Install conversion tracking

Campaign management

  • Keyword analysis
  • Build a negative keyword list
  • Ad copy testing
  • Bidding optimization
  • Conversion analysis
  • Reporting

Highly converted keywords and match type for roofing company PPC campaign

  • “Your City + Roofer”
  • “Your City + Roofing”
  • “Your City + Roofing Contractor”
  • “Your City + Roofing Service”
  • “Your City + Re-Roof”
  • “Your City + Roof Repair”
  • “Your City + Roofers”
  • “Your City + Roofing contractors”
  • “Your City + Roofing Services”
  • “Your City + Commercial Roofer”
  • “Your City + Commercial Roofing Contractor”
  • “Roofer In Your City”
  • “Roofing In Your City”
  • “Roofing Contractor In Your City”
  • “Roofing Service In Your City”
  • “Re-Roof In Your City”
  • “Roof Repair In Your City”
  • “Roofers In Your City”
  • “Roofing contractors In Your City”
  • “Roofing Services In Your City”
  • “Best Roofer in Your City”

Highly converted call-to-actions for roofing company PPC ads

  • Request Free Estimate
  • Request Roofing Quote
  • Free Roofing Cost
  • Roof Inspection Report
  • Free Roof Insurance Quote
  • Free Onsite Estimate
  • Book Our Roofing Service

Highly converted landing page elements and trust markers for roofing company PPC ads

  • Clickable phone from mobile devices
  • Inquiry form in 1st fold
  • Multiple call-to-actions and phone nos.
  • Service list
  • Advantage
  • Warranty
  • Work / recent project photos
  • Testimonials / Google reviews
  • Industrial credentials / certifications

Need help with PPC for your roofing company?

Are you a roofer and looking for PPC marketing? We are experts in increasing the phone calls and web form inquiries from Google ads. With our roofing company PPC services, your business shows up above the top of search results at a low cost per click, when searching for the services you offer. We help you generate phone calls and web form submissions with reduced cost per conversion for your roofing business.

If you want more ideas and strategies for PPC marketing of your roofing business online, contact our certified Google ads expert for FREE advice for your roofing company PPC marketing.

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