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Ecommerce SEO Plan

Highlights of our Ecommerce SEO plan

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your site receive more organic traffic. Rise above your competition with Ecommerce SEO packages tailored to your business.

At XtremeUX Digital, we offer one-time Ecommerce SEO setup, monthly SEO management, and comprehensive reporting.

Our SEO specialists implement the latest techniques to boost search rankings for your website and product pages.

With our Ecommerce SEO packages, you receive a dedicated plan designed to help your site receive more free traffic. Highlights of our services include:

  • Site search analytics tracking
  • Listings on online directories
  • On-page optimization
  • Expert content creation
  • Quality backlink building

These solutions help your pages and products appear higher in search results, delivering more visits to your website. Here is a closer look at our Ecommerce SEO packages.

One-time Ecommerce SEO Setup

Implementing the best SEO practices requires a lot of time and effort. We handle the hard work so you can get back to running your business.

With our one-time SEO setup, your Ecommerce site receives on-site optimization, on-page optimization, and webpage edits to increase conversions and boost search rankings.


As part of our one-time Ecommerce SEO packages, we complete detailed research. Our research helps uncover the best keywords for your site. We also analyze your competition and audit your site to gain more details about your current SEO performance.

Find out how these services can benefit your Ecommerce business:

Audit search visibility and in-depth site technical audit

Our research includes a thorough audit of your site. We analyze the keywords, metadata, backlinks, and other details that impact your SEO.

Find relevant keywords and long-tail keywords

We also search for relevant keywords to use throughout your site, helping to improve your search rankings for specific search queries.

Competitor analysis

Our team analyzes the competition, giving us useful information such as where to claim relevant business listings or build quality backlinks for your industry.

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization helps correct any issues that may lower your search rankings. Google penalizes sites for issues such as broken links or duplicate content. We also include solutions to make it easier to track your SEO. Explore the advantages of on-site optimization for your Ecommerce site:

Redirect all pages to www or non www

We redirect all pages on your site to www or non-www. Using one structure and sticking with it helps avoid duplicate content and penalties that may hurt your SEO score.

Install site wide SLL ( https://)

We also add SSL certificates across your entire site, allowing you to accept payment and transfer secure personal information.

Setup Google Analytics

To help you keep track of the results of our Ecommerce SEO packages, we set up Google Analytics. You will be able to keep track of how each page performs.

Goals and funnel setup

We also add goals and funnels to Google Analytics, giving you more information about how visitors navigate your site and the actions that they take.

Site Search analytics tracking

With site search analytics tracking, you gain even more insight into the performance of your Ecommerce site. See how pages perform for specific keywords.

Setup Google Search Console

Along with Google Analytics, we set up the Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster tools. This provides more details about the search rankings for your pages.

Link Google Search Console to Google Analytics

Linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics allows you to access keyword rankings with the rest of your site data, simplifying the way that you monitor your stats.

Generate XML Sitemap and submit in Google

Google and other search engines need to know when your pages receive updates and what pages to index. We submit XML sitemaps to the search engines, helping your pages appear in search results.

Filtered / URL parameters handling

Our optimization efforts include filtered/URL parameters handling. This provides another solution for eliminating duplicate content, improving the SEO performance of your site.

Fix broken links

Fixing broken links addresses another issue that may hurt your search rankings. The broken links make it harder for search engines to crawl your site, lowering your search results.

Add canonical tags

Adding canonical tags gives us a final solution for avoiding duplicate content. The tags tell Google which version of your page to index instead of trying to index the main copy of the site pages.

Create / optimize Robots.txt

With the help of Robots.txt, we can allow search engine crawlers particular site pages, directories or sections. We create or optimize existing Robots.txt that save search engine crawling time for indexing non-SEO pages and sections.

On-Page Optimization

Through our on-page optimization techniques, we implement changes to improve the search rankings for each page. These details include adding relevant tags and an efficient internal linking structure. Here are a few of the ways that we can optimize your pages:

Optimize Title tags

The title tags appear in search results and help entice users to click on your result instead of the competition. We optimize these tags for improved SEO and more traffic to your site.

Optimize Meta tags

Besides the title tags, we optimize additional meta tags throughout your site. These tags include the description tag, meta keywords, and meta robot attribute.

Optimize H1 tags

Within the body of each page, we optimize the header tags. The H1 tag gives search engines more information about the content found on the page, increasing rankings for relevant keywords.

Optimize images (ALT tags)

We also add ALT tags using related keywords to help describe the content of each image. This allows users with vision impairments to understand the context of the images.

Cross-linking between pages

Cross-linking between pages gives your site additional internal links, providing more navigation options for visitors and improving your SEO performance.

Make content rich category pages

Adding content-rich category pages provides an additional method for improving navigation and overall site structure. These solutions make it easier for visitors and search engines to navigate your Ecommerce site.

Remove duplicate content

Our team finishes the on-page optimization process by removing any duplicate content. As mentioned, duplicate content hurts your SEO score. We find all instances of repeat content.

Edit Your Website for Ecommerce SEO

Your website may require editing to make it easier for search engines to crawl each page. Improving the site structure and using structured data are just a few of the solutions that we use:

Site structure / Navigation

Our Ecommerce SEO pricing provides an affordable option for improving the site structure and navigation of your site. This creates a better user experience and makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.

SEO-friendly URLs

We also ensure that your pages use SEO-friendly URLs. Our team edits each URL, making them simple, relevant, and keyword-rich.

Use structured data markup

Structured data provides an additional set of tags for giving potential customers and search engines more details about your business. Common markup data includes business category, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

404 page not found setup

Setting up a 404 (page not found) page helps visitors find what they are looking for. It is also part of Google’s SEO guidelines. Following these guidelines prevents unnecessary SEO penalties.

Improve Page-Load time

As a final step for improving the SEO performance of your site, we improve the page-load times. Caching images and streamlining the pages results in faster load times, helping to keep visitors engaged and boosting your SEO score.

Monthly Ecommerce SEO Management

Our affordable Ecommerce SEO pricing allows you to receive monthly management solutions without exceeding your budget.

With our continued support, your pages can continue climbing the search rankings. With the following steps, you may even reach the top of the results pages:

Create / Claim listings on directories

Monthly Ecommerce SEO includes the creation of listings on other directories. This includes niche-specific directories that provide high-converting traffic. We find the most relevant and visited directories available and claim your listings.

Create content for on-site blog posting

Our experienced team crafts high-quality content to post on the blog section of your site. Adding fresh content increases the size and authority of your site, improving overall search rankings.

Create content and post to other sites

To boost your online presence and build more backlinks, we also write quality guest posts that we submit to other sites.

Create infographic and postings

We can also create detailed infographics, which tend to perform better compared to regular posts. Infographics increase your search visibility and give visitors something to share on social media.

Check competitors’ backlinks and claim listings

To find more opportunities for backlinks, we look at your competition. We then claim listings on the same directories that they use.

Build quality backlinks

These steps allow us to quickly build more backlinks for your site. However, unlike many other SEO firms, we only focus on quality links, improving the PageRank of your site.

Update content regularly

Monthly SEO also includes regular updates for your content. This keeps your pages fresh, increasing the chances of your pages retaining their spots in search results rankings.

Check website health regularly

As part of our monthly SEO service, we check the health of your website. Our team detects issues before they have a chance to negatively impact your search rankings.


How do you know how well your site performs? Use our detailed reports. Our team sets up custom reports that you can view from any device. We also provide a variety of reports, giving you more metrics for tracking the performance of your site:

Setup Google Data Studio for anytime report reviews

Our Ecommerce SEO packages for reports includes the use of Google Data Studio. This online platform helps create visually stunning reports that you can use to impress investors.

SEO performance report

We also provide you with an SEO performance report. View the effects of our optimization techniques as your pages begin climbing the search rankings.

Keyword ranking report

With our keyword ranking report, you can review the search ranking results for specific keywords. Ensure that you are ranking for keywords related to your industry.

Detailed activities report

Our detailed activities report includes important metrics related to the performance of your website. You can view visitor interactions on your landing pages and other useful stats.

Mail, Chat and Phone support

Along with these reports, we offer reliable support. Contact us via mail, chat, or phone to discuss your Ecommerce SEO needs and the details of your SEO reports.

Contact us for your custom Ecommerce SEO pricing.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.