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Google Shopping Ads Packages

Google Shopping Ads provide the perfect option for businesses that want to stand out. Your ads appear at the top of the search results, grabbing the attention of potential clients.

At XtremeUX Digital, our Google Shopping Ads packages give you a competitive edge. We work with you to develop a campaign that fits your budget while attracting more visitors.

We use an in-depth approach to help you get more out of your ad campaigns. Here are a few of the features of our expert Google shopping Ads packages:

  • Site audit for better conversions
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • Complete ad campaign setup
  • Product feed optimization
  • Convenient performance reports

Allow us to set up your campaign or optimize an existing campaign. Explore the following details to learn more.

One-Time Google Shopping Ads Setup

Our one-time ads setup solutions provide everything needed to get your first campaign up and running. We complete detailed research before setting up your Google Shopping Ads, including Smart Ads and Dynamic Remarketing Ads. We can even edit your website to help boost conversions.


Research is the first step in building a campaign with a great return on investment. With years of experience, our team knows what to look for. We complete detailed audits and keyword research to give us a better starting point for your campaign. Find out our research gives you a competitive advantage:

Site audit for Shopping Ads Conversions

Auditing your site helps determine how to tweak your ads to deliver better results. We look at the conversion rates, ad group structure, keyword usage, and other details to determine how to attract more paid traffic.

Find relevant keywords and long-tail keywords

As part of our research, we find relevant keywords to use in your advertisements and on your landing pages. We find keywords that offer the right level of competition and minimum bid to meet your specific needs.

Competitor analysis

We then analyze your competition to see the keywords and ads that they use to attract customers. This provides additional insight for creating a campaign that helps your business stand out and receive more clicks.

Google Shopping Ads

A lot of work goes into the creation of a Google Shopping Ads campaign. You need to set up your Google Merchant Center, create data feeds, set your ad groups, and perform a dozen other tasks.

With our Google Shopping Ads pricing, we ensure that every business has an affordable solution for setting up their campaigns. Our detailed setup process includes these important steps:

Setup Google Merchant Center

Before you can create Google Shopping Ads campaigns, you need to set up the Google Merchant Center. This is where you create your data feeds and provide Google with more details about your products and services.

Create data feeds

We ensure that your data feeds are ready. Without the necessary details, Google may not display your ads. We review the feeds to make sure that they include an id, title, description, link, image, and other relevant info.

Create product groups

Our team then separates your products into product groups. This makes it easier to place bids for a subset of your inventory.

Create ad groups

Along with product groups, we create custom ad groups to help structure your data feeds and shopping ads. Easily organize your bidding structure and review the performance of your ads.

Create custom labels

Custom labels provide additional organization for managing your campaign. We can determine which labels to use for campaign targeting.

Setup campaign for Mobile devices

As more people use mobile devices for online shopping, you should also target mobile users with your ads. With our Google Shopping Ads packages, we can set up your campaign for mobile.

Setup ad extensions

We also set up ad extensions. These extensions give you the perfect option for adding promotional text or feeds to your ads, making your advertisements more enticing to potential customers.

Setup Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting keeps you from wasting ad dollars. Instead of targeting everyone, geo-targeting allows you to target users in specific states, cities, or regions.

Setup bidding

We also help keep the Google Shopping Ads pricing within your budget. After reviewing your goals and available spending, we set up a bidding strategy that matches your specific needs.

Setup Google Ads conversion tracking

Conversion tracking offers more insight into the performance of your ads. It allows you to track the conversion rates of your individual ads. This helps you determine which ads work and which ones need improvement.

Funnel review / setup

An effective Google Shopping Ads campaign should be part of a sales funnel strategy. We can help set up a funnel to convert more of the visitors who arrive on your landing page.

Setup Dynamic Remarketing

With dynamic remarketing, we can set up a way for Google to continue displaying your ads to potential customers after they leave your site without making a purchase. As they browse the web, your ads continue to appear.

Smart Google Shopping Ads

Setting up Smart Google Shopping Ads helps put your campaign on autopilot. Google uses machine learning to determine which combination of ad copy, keywords, and bidding works best to drive higher conversion rates. To set up this feature, we complete the following:


We help implement the best practices to give you better results from your ads campaign. This includes budgeting that matches your priorities.

Target ROAS

We also help set a target return on ad spend (ROAS). Setting a target ROAS allows Google to optimize your bids to hit this target within your daily budget.

Product grouping

Product grouping provides an extra step to get more out of your campaign. We ensure that Google adds all relevant products to your campaign.

Setup custom parameters

With custom parameters, we can give Google more details about the products that visitors show an interest in. This allows Google to tailor your campaign by displaying the ads that perform the best.

Negative keywords list

Our team also implements a negative keywords list. Negative keywords keep your ads from showing up when users type specific keywords or phrases into the search engine.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Dynamic remarketing ads give you a way to target visitors after they leave your site. Your ads will continue to appear on webpages and search results as visitors browse the web, providing an additional boost to the overall conversion value of your ad campaign:

Setup Dynamic Remarketing in Google

We set up dynamic remarketing in Google, allowing you to show ads containing specific products or services that visitors viewed on your landing pages. These tailored ads tend to deliver superior conversion rates and greater performance compared to standard ads.

Setup Dynamic Remarketing in Facebook / Instagram

Besides Google, we also rely on Facebook and Instagram for dynamic remarketing. You can even use custom parameters to deliver ads containing related products or services instead of showcasing the same products or services a second time.

Edit Your Website for conversions

With our one-time Google Shopping Ads packages, we edit your website to increase conversion rates. With a few simple changes, you can convert more of the traffic that you receive from your Google Shopping ads. Some of the steps that we use to include:

Product page optimization

Product page optimization ensures that each product page has descriptive titles, high-resolution images, effective copywriting, and additional details that Google looks for when determining ad ranks.

Shopping Cart and checkout page

Optimizing the shopping cart and checkout page to deliver a streamlined customer experience also helps you boost sales. With a simple shopping cart and payment system, you are less likely to lose customers during the checkout process.

Google Shopping Ads Management (Monthly)

With monthly managed Google Shopping Ads packages, you receive continued to support and ongoing optimization. We monitor the campaign each day. As the results of your campaign start coming in, we tweak the details to deliver higher conversions, boosting your return on investment.

Daily campaign monitoring

Daily campaign monitoring ensures that your ads continue to perform as expected. With continued support, we can find new ways to improve the performance of your campaign.

Add negative keywords

One of these solutions is the use of additional negative keywords. We find out which search queries deliver the lowest conversion rates and then add them to the negative keywords list.

Add new product groups

We also continue to add new product groups. Google allows you to create up to 20,000 product groups per ad group, providing endless options for categorizing your products for simplified bidding.

Non-performing product groups

If any of the existing product groups stop performing well, we remove them. This allows us to focus on the product groups that perform best, giving you a better ROI.

Product feed optimization

Our monthly monitoring also includes product feed optimization. We continue to optimize the titles, descriptions, images, and other details based on the metrics that we collect.

Optimize Title / Meta of product feeds

As part of this optimization, we may edit the titles and metadata of your product feed. These steps ensure that your ads continue to attract high-converting traffic to your landing pages.

Bidding adjustments

Along with these steps, we continue to adjust the bidding strategy. We select a bidding strategy that matches your goals, such as increased site visits, visibility, or more conversions.


Ongoing reports help you closely monitor the most important metrics of your Google Shopping Ads campaign. Allow our experts to set up custom reports that you can view at any time from any Internet-connected device. Here are some of the features of our reports package:

Setup Google Data Studio for anytime report reviews

Reports provide ongoing monitoring that you can use to improve the performance of your campaign. This includes the use of Google Data Studio, which provides visually attractive reports containing custom metrics.

Google Shopping Ads performance report

We also provide you with a Google Shopping Ads performance report. It includes beneficial data such as cost per click, click-through rate, impression share, product status, and conversion metrics.

Mail, Chat and Phone support

If you have any questions about the results of the reports or how to use the information to improve your campaign, contact our staff. We offer ongoing support via mail, chat, and phone.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.