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Local SEO Packages

Are you struggling to attract customers in your area?

Our local SEO packages can help. With localized search engine optimization (SEO), we increase the performance of your site in local searches. This results in more traffic to your website and storefront.

Select the local SEO package that meets your specific needs. We offer a one-time Local SEO setup and monthly SEO solutions to continue growing your online presence.

One-Time Local SEO Setup

Professional local SEO setup includes research to help discover the most effective keywords to target your audience.

We then optimize your site, fixing broken links and adding relevant metadata to each page. We offer these services with the best local SEO pricing, providing solutions to fit any budget.


Our one-time SEO setup starts with careful research. We look for SEO issues and analyze your current standings. These solutions provide a starting point for optimizing your entire site and increasing your search rankings.

Here is what our research includes:

  • Audit local search visibility and site issues
  • Analyze listings across the top citation sites
  • Find relevant keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Competitor analysis

We start with an audit to determine your local search visibility. The audit also allows us to uncover site issues that may negatively impact your rankings.

Our team completes a detailed analysis of your business listings on the top citation sites. We can then determine the best methods for building more local citations.

SEO requires the use of relevant keywords for your specific market. We find the best keywords to help Google understand the content of your site.

On-Site Optimization

After completing our research, we start optimizing your site. On-site optimization involves various tweaks to make your site easier for search engines to index.

We also use optimization techniques that increase the credibility of your site. Some of the changes that we may implement include:

Redirect all pages to www or non-www

Redirecting all pages to www or non-www provides greater consistency for visitors and search engines. Sticking with one option for your canonical URLs improves SEO.

Install sitewide SSL (https://)

We install SSL certificates across your entire site. You need these certificates to securely transfer sensitive data such as payment information.

Setup Google Analytics

Our team sets up Google Analytics on your site, making it easier to track important metrics. Easily view conversion rates and bounce rates on any page.

Goals and funnel setup

We then set up goals and funnels on your Google Analytics account. This offers more insight into the behavior of your visitors.

Setup Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console provides additional tools and analytics for monitoring and optimizing the visibility of your site.

Link Google Search Console to Google Analytics

We also link Google Search Console to Google Analytics. With these services linked, you can easily analyze your search rankings and website performance.

Generate XML Sitemap and submit in Google

To ensure that Google crawls every page on your website, we generate XML sitemaps and submit them to the search engine.

Fix broken links

Our team also fixes any broken links. Google and other search engines tend to negatively score sites with broken links, hurting your search rankings.

Add canonical tags

Adding canonical tags allows us to tell Google which URLs to index. This helps prevent duplicate content issues that may lower your rankings.

Create / optimize Robots.txt

With the Robots.txt file, we set which pages search engines can crawl, keeping them from indexing unnecessary files and folders.

On-Page Optimization

With our on-page optimization techniques, SEO experts adjust each page to perform better for specific keywords. These steps improve your search rankings, driving more free traffic to your site:

Optimize Title tags

We optimize each page with title tags, helping search engines analyze your content. The title tag appears in search results, making it the first thing that most users see.

Optimize Meta Tags

The meta tags include the description and other metadata that Google and other search engines use when crawling your pages.

Optimize H1 tags

The H1 tags and additional header tags break up the content on your pages and provide another chance to use specific keywords.

Optimize images (ALT tags)

We add ALT tags for images, providing a description that search engines can understand as they cannot “see” the image.

Internal cross-linking pages

Our detailed on-page optimization also includes internal cross-linking. Improving the internal linking structure is another step that improves your SEO score and search rankings.

Optimize content copy

We optimize the content on each page, adding necessary keywords and removing any grammatical errors.

Remove duplicate content

Removing duplicate content also increase the SEO of your site, helping you avoid any penalties that may hurt your rankings.

Add new service/product pages

We can also add new service pages or product pages. Adding these pages may help you rank for specific keywords.

Edit Your Website for Local SEO and Conversions

Adding structured data, contact information, and other details increases your local search visibility. It also makes it easier for customers to find your business. To boost conversions and local search results, we use the following steps:

Add Click-to-Call link for mobile browsers

Adding a click-to-call link for mobile browsers makes it easier for customers to contact your business, improving your conversion rates.

Add “Inquiry Form” across the service pages

Including an inquiry form on the services, pages provide visitors with another point of contact. We can add a custom form with the necessary fields.

Add “Testimonials” or Display “Google Reviews” across the service pages

Studies show that testimonials and customer reviews make major impressions on potential customers. We can include these on your service pages.

Use structured data (Schema) markup

We also add structured data to each page. The Schema markup improves rankings and provides more info when customers search for your business.

Add consistent NAP details (in Schema) across the site pages

Adding consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) information across the site also helps your site rank better for geo-targeted searches.

Make a “Contact Us” page featuring the NAP, Google Maps and all the location data

Including all relevant location data and NAP on your contact page ensures that visitors have no problem finding your business.

Local Listings/Citations Building

Increasing your local search visibility also requires backlink building. To create quality backlinks, we get your site listed in local listings and build more local citations.

These steps include:

Create / Claim Google My Business local listing

Adding business listings provides more backlinks for your site and gives customers more ways to find your business. We ensure that your Google My Business, Bing, and Yelp listings feature accurate business information and contact details.

Get on social platforms

We also help you get on social platforms. We can set up your business Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, helping you connect with your customers.

Check competitors’ citations

We first check the competitor’s citations to find what sites they use. We then get you listed on the same sites.

Submit citations to top sites

Local citations also help improve your search rankings and online presence. We submit your business in top local citations sites.

Remove duplicate citations

We also remove duplicate citations that may hurt your search rankings. These steps ensure greater visibility and more traffic for your site.

Monthly Local SEO

We offer affordable local SEO pricing for ongoing monthly SEO. We regularly post updates and submit your site in local directories. Here is a closer look at some of these steps:

Create / Claim listings on directories

With our monthly local SEO packages, we create listings on other directories. This includes niche-specific directories to help build more backlinks and increase your online visibility.

Create content for on-site blog posting

For additional backlink building, we create blog posts that you can post to your site and original content to post on other sites.

Content development and postings

We can also create detailed infographics and postings to generate more traffic.

Check competitors’ backlinks and claim listings

Examining your competitors’ backlinks helps us find more directories for listing your business. We then claim your listings and submit your site to all relevant local classifieds.

Submit site in local classifieds

Local classifieds are popular platforms for free advertisement. Your visitors often visit for buying service in your area. We regularly post ads on local classified sites.

Update Google My Business posts regularly

Our ongoing SEO also includes regular content updates to keep your pages fresh. Combined with regular Google My Business Posts and

Check website health regularly

We regularly check your website health include external backlinks, HTML errors and broken links. We ensure that your website health is up to date and online presence continues to grow.


Our local SEO packages include detailed reports. By adding these reports to your SEO solutions, you receive more insight for analyzing how customers interact with your site. You can also track the performance of your SEO. Some of the features of our reporting include:

Setup Google Data Studio for anytime report reviews

Google Data Studio allows us to create custom reports. You can view these reports at any time to track your analytics.

SEO performance report

We also provide a detailed SEO performance report. You can see how search engines rank your site based on important SEO factors.

Keyword ranking report

With keyword ranking reports, you can review how each page performs for specific keywords. Watch as your pages achieve higher rankings.

Detailed activities report

The detailed activities report offers more details about how users interact with your site. These details help you tweak the site to improve conversions.

Mail, Chat and Phone support

Our reporting service also includes ongoing support. Contact us via mail, chat, or phone for help with your SEO issues.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.