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PPC Plan

Highlight of our Google Ads PPC Plan

Google Ads help you drive traffic to your landing pages but you need to carefully plan your ad campaign.

At XtremeUX Digital, we provide professional Google AdWords pay-per-click packages, helping you maximize the performance of your ads. Other Google Ads services quickly review your goals. Our solutions provide a more comprehensive approach.

With our convenient Google Ads PPC packages, you gain the following benefits:

  • Targeted advertising
  • Optimized conversion rates
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Better return on investment

Choose one-time Google Ads PPC setup, PPC monitoring, and detailed reporting services. From site audits to ongoing monitoring and reports, we offer everything needed to optimize your campaign.

Explore our Google Ads management solutions with affordable PPC pricing to see how we can help boost your profits.

One-Time Google Ads PPC Setup

Need help setting up an effective Google Ads PPC campaign? We offer the most reliable Google AdWords pay-per-click packages, including one-time setup. We complete detailed research, site audits, and website editing to help you get more out of your ad campaign.


To create a Google ad campaign that provides a good return on investment, you need to research your competition, keywords, and website. At XtremeUX Digital, we take care of these steps for you:

Site audit for Pay per Click conversions

The research portion of our Google Ads PPC packages starts with a site audit. We find ways to optimize your advertisements to attract more visitors to your landing pages.

Find relevant keywords and long-tail keywords

Using the right keywords remains an important part of optimizing an ad campaign. We search for the best-performing keywords to deliver better results without increasing your ad spending budget.

Competitor analysis

We also analyze your competition to see how their ads perform and the keywords they implement. This insight provides a competitive advantage, helping you attract more potential customers.

Advertise on Google Maps and Google Search

Displaying your ads on Google Maps and Google Search requires a few additional steps. From landing page optimization to conversion tracking, we complete everything for you. These steps, combined with our affordable PPC pricing, help you grow your business:

Competitor analysis (keywords and ad copies)

An effective ad campaign requires a detailed competitor analysis. We determine which keywords your competition uses and review their ad copy. We use these details to help select the most relevant keywords for your niche market.

Landing page optimization

We then optimize your landing page. If Google discovers issues on the landing page, your ads may not appear as frequently, limiting the number of impressions and clicks that you receive.

Setup Campaign and ad group

With these steps completed, we start setting up your campaign and ad groups. We divide your products, services, or promotions into multiple ad groups to create an effective bidding strategy.

Setup Google Phone Calls ads

Setting up Google phone call ads provides an additional channel for connecting with potential customers. These ads only appear on devices that can make phone calls, such as mobile devices.

Setup ad extensions

Using ad extensions allows you to include additional promotional text in your advertisements. Create a compelling offer to increase the click-through rate of your Google ads.

Setup geo-targeting

With geo-targeting, we ensure that your ads reach the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. You can deliver your ads to specific regions or cities to reach your target audience.

Setup Search Network, Display Network

While many businesses focus on Google Search Network, we ensure that your ads appear in the Google Display Network. The display network includes other websites that agree to show ads from Google, helping you reach more the online market.

Setup Dayparting

Our team also uses dayparting to improve the performance of your ads. We schedule your ads to appear during certain times of the day.

Setup Google Ads conversion tracking

To analyze the effectiveness of your ads, you need conversion tracking. We set up this useful feature to track conversions from your Google ads.

Setup Google Phone Calls ads tracking

Phone call ads tracking offers an additional method for tracking conversions. Find out how many visitors call your business after clicking on your ads.

Unlimited number of targeted keywords

Targeted keywords help deliver your ads to those who are more likely to show interest in your products or services. We add an unlimited number of targeted keywords to continue attracting potential customers.

Setup keyword bidding

After completing these steps, we set a bidding strategy that matches your spending limit and goals. Whether you want to increase site visits or boost conversion rates, we select the right bidding option.

Create a list of negative keywords

Along with targeted keywords, we add negative keywords. We find keywords that perform poorly and prevent Google from delivering your ads to search queries involving those keywords.

Edit Your Website for Conversions

Your website needs to contain specific elements if you want it to appear at the top of search results. Without these features, Google may not display your advertisement in Google Search or Google Maps:

Add Click-to-Call link for mobile browsers

Including a “click-to-call” link on your website gives mobile users an easier way to contact your business. This increases conversion rates for visitors who click on your ads using their mobile devices.

Add “Inquiry Form” across the the service pages

Adding an inquiry form on the services pages also gives customers a way to easily reach your business to request more information. We can create a custom form that helps you generate more sales leads.

Add “Testimonials” or Display “Google Reviews” across the service pages

Testimonials and Google reviews give potential customers proof that your products or services deliver on the claims that you make. Our team can add these sections to your service pages, boosting conversions from visitors who arrive on your site from your Google ads.

Make a “Contact Us” page featuring the NAP, Google Maps and all the location data

To achieve a better ad quality score, your site needs to include the NAP details. This includes the name, address, and phone number of your business. We ensure that the contact page includes this information.

Add Call-to-Action

We can also add effective calls to action on your landing pages and service pages. If you have low conversion rates, tweaking the CTA may entice more visitors to complete the desired action.

Add Trust Markers and SocialProof

Along with testimonials and Google reviews, we can add more trust markers and social proof to your sites. These details increase your ad ranking, allowing your ads to appear more frequently and increasing clicks and conversions.

Google Ads PPC Monitoring

Our Google AdWords pay-per-click packages include ongoing monitoring. With this service, we continue to review the performance of your ad campaign, making changes as needed to boost results. Here are some of the methods that we use to help deliver more traffic to your landing pages:

Structure campaigns and ad groups

Based on the performance of your ads, we can restructure your campaigns and ad groups to deliver better results. This may include creating separate ad groups or removing existing ones.

Add more keywords for conversions

We also add more keywords for improving conversion rates and remove keywords that perform poorly. As part of this process, we also provide unlimited keyword changes.

Non-performing campaigns and ad-groups

To help you avoid wasting ad dollars, we remove or pause non-performing campaigns and ad copy. This includes campaigns or ads with poor conversion rates or low click-through rates.

Non-performing keywords

When keywords underperform, we add them to this list to help prevent further wasted ad spending.

Ad copy testing

Our team uses split testing to analyze the ad copy and determine which keywords, wording, and phrases work best to attract high-converting paid traffic.

Expand geo-targeting

We may also expand the geo-targeting to include areas with populations that should match your target audience. This helps bring more customers to your site.

Improve Quality Score

As part of our ongoing monitoring, we continue to find ways to improve the quality score of your ads. This ad rank directly impacts how frequently Google displays your ads in search results or on Google Maps.

Build negative keyword list

As mentioned, we offer unlimited keyword changes, including adding more entries to the negative keyword list. These are the keywords which are non-relevant to your business and waste your ad spends.

Adjust ad extensions

To improve the performance of your ads, we may also adjust your ad extensions. We can include different promotional text to draw more visitors to your landing pages.

Bidding adjustments

Of course, tweaking your campaign also requires adjustments to the bidding. Allow us to increase or decrease the bids or select a different automated bidding strategy based on the results of your campaign.


Along with one-time setup and monthly support, we offer detailed Google AdWords reports. You can easily keep track of your campaigns or share the results with investors or clients. Sit back and review the performance of your campaigns using the following reports:

Setup Google Data Studio for anytime report reviews

Google Data Studio provides the perfect platform for creating custom reports. We can include just the metrics that you want to view and present them in an easy-to-digest format.

Google Ads performance report

We also provide a detailed Google Ads performance report. This report allows you to track the results of your ad campaign to determine which ads perform best, helping you continually improve your campaign.

Mail, Chat and Phone support

When you run into issues with your campaign, you can contact us for fast solutions. Our reporting service includes ongoing support. Send us an email, initiate a live chat, or call us on the phone.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.