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Promote Your Products to Get More Sales

The key to any successful business is getting yourself noticed. We offer a variety of digital display marketing solutions that get eyes on your brand and highlight your hottest products.

Once you have made a sale, our re-marketing services ensure that you get the most out of each client. You already know they want what you’re selling, so we run a professional re-marketing campaign to keep them coming back to your website.

Our Display and Re-Marketing Services

  • Brand Promotion

    Building your brand online creates recognition, trust and loyalty with consumers. We promote your brand in a way that your audience will respond to across all available channels.

  • Product Awareness

    We generate awareness for each line of your products by developing thoughtful ads that showcase the advantages of buying from you! Our creative team comes up with exciting and dynamic ways for each item.

  • Online Lead Generation

    Before you can make sales, you need qualified leads. We run full scale lead generation campaigns to get the information for people interested in what you offer, so we can continue to re-market to them for more conversions.

  • Sales Conversions

    Once we have the leads, we use everything from powerful sales emails to sales funnels to get them to make that purchase. Once they’ve made one, we keep marketing to get them to buy more and refer their friends.

  • Re-Marketing Campaign Setup

    We use the latest online re-marketing technology combined with eye-catching graphics and captivating copywriting to set up campaign that keeps bringing your customers back by offering discounts, promotions and more.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    We analyze the data from each re-marketing campaign so that we can continue to reduce costs, raise conversion rates and maximize the number of sales from existing consumers.

Get the most out of every client with targeted, expert re-marketing campaigns from XtremeUX today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are responsive ads?

Responsive ads are online advertisements that change their size, shape and other properties so that they fit and look great across all devices and ad spaces. This makes sure that the ads are always attractive, no matter where they are.

How much do Google Display ads cost?

Google display ads can vary in cost depending on a number of factors including frequency delivered, size and the product you are advertising. To find out more, contact our Google display specialists now.

Where do Google Display ads appear?

Google display ads appear all over online properties associated with Google and its partners. From Google’s search pages to Gmail to YouTube and many more places, your Google display ads will drastically improve brand visibility.

What visuals do you need to setup responsive Google Display ads?

Our creative experts are able to develop eye-catching, responsive ads using your product images. Or, if you don’t have high quality images, then our team can simply create them from scratch for you.

How does an extension work with Google Display ads?

Google display ads can now be combined with location extensions to help local businesses connect with local clients. This means that people in your area are more likely to see your display ads, as well as being one click away from important business information like your location, contact details and hours.

How much do you charge for Google Display ads setup?

We are able to create customized Google Display campaigns based on your specific needs as a business and your budget.
Contact XTremeUX now to discover how we can help grow your business with Google Display ads and the costs involved.

We look forward to helping you get more targeted traffic and customers.