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As one of the premier distributors and dealers serving a diverse range of companies throughout the United States, our esteemed client has established a formidable reputation for excellence over the years. Their unwavering dedication to quality is evident in their meticulous selection process, ensuring that each brand and part they offer passes rigorous testing standards before being added to their inventory. This commitment to quality is matched by their dedication to customer service. They provide comprehensive advice on fitment, warranty details, and product specifications, empowering their customers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Their mission transcends mere distribution; they strive to be trusted advisors to their clientele, guiding them through the complexities of product selection with expertise and integrity. This client-centric approach has cemented their status as not just a supplier, but a vital partner to both the brands they represent and the customers they serve. In their pursuit of excellence, they have become more than a link in the supply chain—they are a cornerstone of reliability and quality in the dynamic landscape of American commerce.


1. In-house Marketing Limitations

The client was conducting their own marketing campaigns and SEO efforts, but they were not achieving the desired outcomes, indicating limitations in their in-house capabilities.

2. Suboptimal Conversion Rates

Despite having an existing online presence, the client’s conversion rate was lower than desired, which suggested that the website visitors were not engaging effectively with the site or not proceeding to make purchases.

3. Insufficient Order Values

The average order value from customers was not at the level the client aimed for, implying a need to encourage higher spending from each customer to grow sales.

4. User Experience Inadequacies

The client recognized that the user experience throughout their online journey could be improved, which was essential for increasing the conversion rate and average order value.

5. Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

There was a clear need to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns to better target potential customers and to make existing campaigns more cost-efficient.

6. Data Utilization and Optimization

Before partnering with XtremeUX, the client may not have been effectively using data to optimize their product feeds and shopping ads, which could improve visibility and conversion on merchant platforms.


1. Enhancing In-House Marketing

The client’s internal marketing efforts were not yielding the expected returns. XtremeUX stepped in to provide specialized expertise, leveraging over 50 years of combined digital marketing experience to revamp and professionalize the marketing strategies, leading to substantial growth in visibility and sales.

2. Boosting Conversion Rates

Recognizing the need for a higher conversion rate, XtremeUX implemented targeted strategies to engage customers more effectively, transforming browsers into buyers and significantly improving the client’s conversion metrics.

3. Lifting Average Order Values

The agency refined the client’s approach to up-sell and cross-sell, encouraging customers to purchase more at each visit. By optimizing product placement and promotion, XtremeUX helped elevate the average order value.

4. Optimizing the User Experience

XtremeUX identified key user experience shortcomings and implemented solutions aimed at streamlining the customer journey, thereby enhancing satisfaction and driving up sales through a better online experience.

5. Refining Marketing Campaigns

The agency’s experts optimized the client’s marketing campaigns for efficiency and reach, deploying advanced analytics and market insights to ensure that each campaign delivered maximum impact for every dollar spent.

6. Data-Driven Product Feed Optimization

By meticulously analyzing and optimizing the product feeds uploaded to the merchant account, XtremeUX ensured that the client’s offerings were presented in the most appealing way, leading to an impressive 2117% increase in ROAS with Shopping Ads.


  • The partnership with XtremeUX led to an astonishing 800.19% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), indicating a highly efficient and profitable advertising campaign.
  • There was a 212.84% surge in revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of the optimized shopping ads and the strategies implemented to enhance the client’s sales performance.
  • The efforts resulted in a 140% rise in orders, calls, and leads, reflecting a successful increase in customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • The cost per conversion was reduced by 50.75%, demonstrating that the marketing spend was not only effective in generating sales but also optimized to reduce the expenditure for acquiring each customer.
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