Restaurant Supply Case Study

Restaurant Supply Case Study

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Equipment Supplier





Client Profile

Restaurant Supply is a well-established, family-owned business specializing in restaurant equipment and supplies. With over 30 years of combined experience, they provide high-quality products and services to the food service industry across the United States. Restaurant Supply operates both retail stores and an online shop, supplying customers with new and used equipment, kitchen tools, furniture, decor, and more.


Restaurant Supply’s main goals are to expand its digital presence and improve customer engagement. Enhancing its website and online visibility will increase traffic, leads, and sales. The focus is on optimizing search engine rankings to attract more website visitors. Additionally, boosting website conversion rates and direct customer inquiries will support growth objectives.


  • Redesigned the website for an optimal responsive user experience on all devices.
  • Executed targeted SEO strategies to boost organic search rankings.
  • Created engaging content, including blogs, buying guides, and product reviews.
  • Leveraged local SEO and optimization of the Google My Business profile.
  • Analyzed data and user feedback to refine strategies aligned with customer needs.
  • Ran Google Local Ads campaigns to improve local visibility and capture geographic audiences.
  • Utilized Google Performance Max to maximize reach and advertising efficiency.


Through key website enhancements, strategic SEO, and optimized Google ad campaigns, we achieved substantial increases:

  • 140% increase in website traffic
  • 70% increase in leads
  • 141% increase in new users
  • 107% increase in website visits

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