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Our esteemed client operates an avant-garde online emporium specializing in both cosmetic and prescription color contact lenses, catering to a discerning clientele with an eye for quality and style. As an authorized distributor, they take pride in offering Solotica contact lenses – hailed as one of the world’s premier brands renowned for their exceptional natural appearance and comfort. Originating from the vibrant heart of Brazil, Solotica lenses are celebrated for their ability to mimic the eye’s natural intricacies, thus providing a seamless and authentic visual transformation.

What truly sets our client apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction, manifested through their unparalleled express 3-day global shipping promise. This service ensures that no matter where their customers reside, the journey from order to delivery is swift and seamless, bringing the world’s most exquisite lenses to doorsteps worldwide with unprecedented speed. Their dedication to providing such expedient service underscores their position not just as a retailer, but as a purveyor of vision enhancement that is both accessible and efficient. This client profile exemplifies a fusion of quality product offerings with superior customer service, a testament to their standing as a premier destination for contact lens connoisseurs across the globe.


1. Online Visibility Constraints

Despite being established in 2014, the client’s online presence was insufficient, particularly as they aimed to penetrate the competitive US market from their base in Dubai. This lack of visibility posed a significant obstacle to increasing their market share and reaching potential customers.

2. E-commerce Platform Limitations

The client’s previous e-commerce system was outdated and not user-friendly, leading to a cumbersome and unreliable ordering process. This inefficiency likely impacted customer experience and potentially deterred repeat business.

3. Google Account Compliance Issues

The client faced a critical challenge when Google suspended their account for non-compliance with its policies. This suspension directly threatened their ability to advertise and sell online, which is a lifeline for any e-commerce business.

4. Inefficient Order Fulfillment

The client’s delivery timeframe was not meeting industry standards, which is a vital aspect of customer satisfaction in e-commerce. Improving delivery speed was essential to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

5. Suboptimal User Experience

The website required significant improvements in navigation, including streamlining the add-to-cart and checkout processes. Enhancing the user experience was crucial to reduce friction in the purchasing journey and increase conversions.

6. Need for a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Absence of a strong, unified digital marketing strategy was hindering the client’s growth. They needed to implement a robust approach that included SEO, site optimization, and effective use of retargeting and display advertising to engage and convert leads.


1. Enhancing Digital Presence for Global Reach

The client’s initial challenge was a limited online presence, especially while attempting to serve customers in the USA from their Dubai base. To address this, XtremeUX implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy and optimized the site, focusing on meta titles and descriptions to bolster visibility across search engines and attract a more international audience.

2. Streamlining E-commerce Efficiency

The outdated e-commerce system posed a significant barrier to a smooth user experience. By integrating a modern e-commerce platform, XtremeUX revolutionized the client’s ordering process, making it more user-friendly and reliable, which in turn, improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

3. Navigating Google Compliance

The suspension of the client’s Google account was a critical issue that required immediate attention. XtremeUX’s expertise in policy compliance and ad campaign management helped to not only reinstate the account but also to optimize the client’s advertising strategy for better alignment with Google’s guidelines.

4. Accelerating Delivery Times

Recognizing the importance of delivery speed in e-commerce success, XtremeUX focused on logistics improvements that enabled the client to uphold their promise of express 3-day shipping worldwide, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

5. Refining the User Experience

The client’s website needed a user experience overhaul. By making site-level changes to navigation, adding to cart, and streamlining the checkout process, XtremeUX delivered a more intuitive and frictionless experience for shoppers, which was instrumental in increasing conversion rates.

6. Crafting a Unified Marketing Strategy

Without a cohesive marketing approach, the client struggled to maximize their online potential. XtremeUX devised a unified marketing strategy that encompassed shopping and retargeting campaigns, Adroll ads for remarketing, and display retargeting, which collectively amplified the client’s market presence and revenue.


  • The client experienced a transformative boost in their business performance post-implementation of the marketing strategies devised by XtremeUX.
  • There was an astounding 1307.67% increase in the number of orders, calls, and leads, indicating a dramatic rise in customer engagement and sales conversions.
  • The revenue skyrocketed by 1027.49%, showcasing the financial impact of the unified marketing strategy on the client’s bottom line.
  • The return on advertising spend surged by 493.87%, reflecting the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the ad campaigns.
  • A reduction in the cost per click (CPC) by 17.59% indicated more targeted ad spend and an improved digital advertising strategy.
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