Job Interview Phishing Scam Notice

Notice of Fraudulent Activity: Non-Affiliation with Cryptocurrency or Online Payment Systems

It has come to our attention that individuals located overseas are engaging in fraudulent activities by impersonating representatives of our company for the purpose of unlawfully obtaining personal information, including banking details, and engaging in deceptive business practices. Specifically, we have been made aware of instances where individuals have misrepresented themselves as employees of XtremeUX and have conducted fictitious interviews via various communication platforms, including but not limited to Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, email, and third-party employment websites such as Monster, Upwork, and RemoteHub.

It is important to clarify that XtremeUX exclusively conducts its hiring processes either in person or through verified Gmeet and Zoom accounts. Furthermore, we emphasize that all official correspondence from XtremeUX will originate from verified email addresses for email communication, calendar invitations, and video conferencing purposes.

Individuals who have received communications purporting to represent XtremeUX should be aware of the following:

  • XtremeUX DOES NOT engage the services of external agencies for hiring purposes.
  • XtremeUX DOES NOT conduct employment interviews or business transactions via Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype chats, Google Chat, or direct messages.
  • XtremeUX DOES NOT utilize generic email domains (e.g.,,, or for any form of communication.
  • XtremeUX NEVER solicits banking information or requests the opening of new accounts or the transfer of funds.
In instances of uncertainty, individuals should exclusively respond to email addresses ending with “” and are encouraged to verify the authenticity of communications with our company. For verification or further inquiries, please contact hr[at]

Any messages or emails resembling the examples provided below are indicative of fraudulent activities. XtremeUX explicitly disclaims any association with such unauthorized use of its name and dissociates itself from any involvement in these or similar scams.